19 September, 2020, 23:34

9 Over-Indulgent Eating Challenges in Tucson

Three orders of Hog Trough at The Hog Pit (Credit: The Hog Pit)

Everyone deserves a cheat day every now and then. Luckily, Tucson’s food scene offers up a varied selection of indulgent menu items, sure to satisfy the most insatiable appetite.

From timed challenges to hefty portions with outrageous ingredient combinations, here are 9 of Tucson’s most well-known pig out dishes and food challenges.

Brushfire BBQ Co.

2745 N. Campbell Ave. • 7080 E. 22nd St.
Messy Fries from BrushFire BBQ (Credit: BrushFire BBQ Co.)

Messy Fries from BrushFire BBQ (Credit: BrushFire BBQ Co.)

Odds are you already have your favorite smoked meat from Brushfire. Whether it is the sweet pork, smoky brisket or succulent grilled pork belly, imagine it sitting atop a pile of crisp french fries.

Needless to say, the Messy Fries at Brushfire BBQ are not your typical order of french fries. These fries are piled high with your choice of sauce and meat, then sprinkled with cheese for that extra boost of flavor. Grab a fork, and maybe a few friends, before you take on the extra-large “hungry” portion.

For more information, visit brushfirebbq.com.

Daggwood Cafe

1800 N. Stone Ave
The Kitchen Sink sandwich at Daggwood Cafe (Credit: Daggwood Cafe)

The Kitchen Sink at Daggwood Cafe (Credit: Daggwood Cafe)

Since changing hands in 2012, Daggwood Cafe has been offering a menu full of sammies, paninis, pizzas and salads. Yet patrons continue to point to their $12, half-pound “Double Daggs”. 

Aptly titled, The Kitchen Sink sandwich includes turkey, roast beef, black forest ham, provolone, swiss and cheddar cheeses, bacon, sweet onion, lettuce, tomato, “Dagg” sauce, spicy mustard and horseradish mayo. Take your pick of four breads: hoagie roll, sourdough, whole grain, or deli rye.

For more information, visit daggwoodcafe.com.

Gus Balon’s

6027 E 22nd St.
Homemade Cinnamon & Pecan Rolls (Credit: Gus Balon's)

Homemade Cinnamon & Pecan Rolls (Credit: Gus Balon’s)

Gus Balon’s has been serving up hearty breakfasts and homemade pies since 1965. Their Cinnamon Rolls, an in-house specialty, are best eaten warm, gooey and smothered with thick, sweet icing. You may need a box to take the leftovers with you. That is if you can find one big enough.

For more information, visit Gus Balon’s on Facebook.

Hog Pit Smokehouse – CLOSED

6910 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
Three orders of Hog Trough at The Hog Pit (Credit: The Hog Pit)

Three orders of Hog Trough at The Hog Pit (Credit: The Hog Pit)

The Hog Pit, located on Tanque Verde Road, serves up some serious barbecue, and a serious barbecue sandwich to match. The Hog Trough is two half-pound burger patties, a pound of pulled pork, a pound of brisket and fiery BBQ sauce, served between two thick slices of Texas Toast.

If that’s not enough, the sandwich is served with a pound of french fries on the side. The meal is free if you can finish it by yourself in under 25 minutes, otherwise you’ll have to fork over $40. The Hog Pit offers a spot on their wall of fame and a t-shirt for completing the challenge.

For more information, visit hogpitsmokehouse.com.

La Botana

3200 N. First Ave
La Botana's 5 lb. burrito (Credit: www.freak8r.com)

La Botana’s 5 lb. burrito (Credit: www.freak8r.com)

La Botana challenges guests with a five pound burrito. There is cause to wonder if it weighs more than the advertised 5 pounds, seeing as it’s stuffed with your choice of meat, potatoes, rice, jalapeños, salsa and cheese, then topped with tomatoes and more cheese.

They give you 45 minutes to finish it or you’ll have to pony up the $20, however, those who have succeeded say it’s entirely possible to finish under the required time. Assuming you have a beastly appetite, that is.

In addition to the free meal, patrons will also have their photo put on the wall of fame.

For more information, visit labotanagrill.com.

Lindy’s on 4th

431 N. Fourth Ave
Lindy's OMFG burger (Credit: foodchallenges.com)

Lindy’s OMFG burger (Credit: www.foodchallenges.com)

Lindy’s, Fourth Avenue’s burger staple, is known for adding unique toppings and serving up huge portions. However, that is just on their regular burgers.

The OMFG burger is a $25 behemoth, stacked high with nine 1/3 lb. beef patties, cheddar, and swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion & Lindy’s sauce. The challenge was made famous nationwide by a visit from Adam Richman, better known as the host of the popular food challenge show Man Vs. Food.

If completed in under 30 minutes, you earn a spot on their wall of fame. If you finish under 20 minutes, it’s also on the house.

For more information, visit lo4th.com.

Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen

7265 N. La Cholla Blvd
The Sasquatch burger at Lodge (Credit: Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen)

The Sasquatch burger at Lodge (Credit: Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen)

The burger menu at the Lodge on La Cholla is exceptional with a list of 14 “two paws” burgers. One burger that stands out from the rest is The Sasquatch. It’s Applewood smoked bacon, onion strings, lettuce, tomato, and your choice of cheese, sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches in lieu of a traditional bun.

For more information, visit lodgetucson.com.

Rosati’s Pizza

1838 E. 6th St.
The Monster Pizza at Rosatis (Credit: Rosatis Pizza)

The Monster Pizza at Rosati’s (Credit: Rosati’s Pizza)

If you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, Rosati’s features the popular Monster Challenge. It entails finishing a 12″ deep dish pizza in under 45 minutes with one special rule: no bathroom breaks.

The Monster has a flaky, filling deep dish crust, piled with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, ground beef, mushroom, onion, green pepper, tomato, and green and black olives.

Winners receive a free meal (worth $17), a Rosati’s Monster challenge t-shirt, and your photo posted in their hall of fame.

For more information, visit myrosatistucson.com

Trident Grill

2033 E. Speedway Blvd
Navy SEAL challenge at Trident Grill (Credit: cipollavin/TripAdvisor)

Navy SEAL challenge at Trident Grill (Credit: cipollavin/TripAdvisor)

Since 2001, Trident Grill has been a hotspot for NFL Sundays, with tasty classics and a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Nelson Miller, owner and former U.S. Navy SEAL, offers a burger challenge dubbed the Navy SEAL.

The Navy SEAL Burger is truly fit for the strongest of eaters, with 4 half-pound beef patties, muenster cheese, jalapeños, bacon, and a side of fries

If participants finish the $20 burger in 15 minutes or less, the meal is on the house. Trident Grill’s site suggests the challenge is a limited time offer, so if you’re interested, don’t wait!

For more information, visit tridentgrill.com.

Dario Foroutan was Tucson Foodie's spring 2015 intern, covering general news in and around the University area.