Dos Cabezas Wineworks Releases 2015 Sparkling Pink Tallboy

It’s typical to find wine in a bottle, but Dos Cabezas WineWorks has gone in a different direction for one of its products.

Dos Cabezas is home to two vineyards in Southern Arizona, which have produced a selection of wines since 1995.

Now, Dos Cabezas is selling their popular 2015 Sparkling Pink wine in a 16 ounce aluminum tallboy. The same product was also offered in 2014.

“We decided to make it a regular, annual production,” said Dos Cabezas winemaker Todd Bostock.

The same beverage, priced at $12.50 per can, is also sold in 750ml bottles (sold at $18.50 per bottle). The only difference is that the canned version is carbonated.

Bostock said that Dos Cabezas has decided to release their canned wine simply for fun. “We thought it would be fun to take a smaller portion of the wine, carbonate it, and stick it in a can for fun. People seem to get it,” said Bostock. “We do a lot of serious stuff, and this is serious too, but serious-fun.”

As for seeing more of your favorite wines packaged in pretty little cans, Dos Cabezas doesn’t have any plans to release any other canned wines. “This is just one little thing for a good time. We don’t have plans to do anything else.”

If interested, you can purchase the wine online through Dos Cabezas website. The product is scheduled to ship out on February 16 when ordering today. You can also find it in the Dos Cabezas tasting room, or at select restaurants in Tucson.

Guests are also able to attend Dos Cabezas’ Sparkling Pink Release Party on February 13, with tickets at $55 per person.

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Gloria Knott was Tucson Foodie's 2016 journalism and social media intern.