28 September, 2022, 12:41

Brewer Profile: Dragoon Brewing’s Eric Greene

Brewer Name
Eric Greene

Brewery Name
Dragoon Brewing Co.

1859 W Grant Rd #111
Tucson, AZ 85745

Tucson Foodie has partnered with Tucson Craft Beer Crawl for 2016 and is proud to feature Brewer Profiles. Each profile features a select Craft Beer Crawl brewer. This profile features Eric Greene.

How and when did you first become interested in beer?

My dad started home brewing in the 1990s. When I started college, naturally, I stole as much of his old brewing stuff as I thought I could get away with. I became really interested in beer in about 2006, when I started getting nerdy with home brewing.

What do you think you bring to the brewing game that makes you stand out?

A full beard, complete with special microorganisms that work together to give me Beer-Sense (kind of like Spider-Sense™, but for beer).

Top five beers you’ve sampled recently (only include ONE of yours)

  1. Whiskey barrel aged Bavarian Hefeweizen by Pueblo Vida
  2. Love’s Armor by Sante Adarius
  3. Golden Sour by Rare Barrel
  4. Dragoon IPA
  5. Coors Original

Beers you’ll be featuring at the beer crawl?

  • Dragoon IPA
  • Double Red IPA
  • Identity Crisis (“Brett” IPA)
  • Stoutstanding

Check out Dragoon Brewing and a handful of other local and regional brewers at the 2016 Tucson Craft Beer Crawl, February 20, 2016. For more information and tickets, visit tucsoncraftbeercrawl.com.

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