28 September, 2022, 13:21


Dragoon Brewing Co. head brewer and co-founder Eric Greene (Image courtesy of Dragoon Brewing Co.)

Brewer Profile: Dragoon Brewing’s Eric Greene

Brewer Name Eric Greene Brewery Name Dragoon Brewing Co.

Mother Road Brewing's Alissa Marquess (Credit: Mother Road Brewing)

Brewer Profile: Mother Road Brewing’s Alissa Marquess

Brewer Name Alissa Marquess Brewery Name Mother Road Brewing

Phoenix Ale Brewery's Zach Schroeder (Credit: Phoenix Ale Brewery)

Brewer Profile: Phoenix Ale Brewery’s Zach Schroeder

Brewer Name Zach Schroeder Brewery Name Phoenix Ale Brewery

Barrio Brewing's David Figueroa (Credit: Barrio)

Brewer Profile: Barrio Brewing’s David Figueroa

Brewer Name David Figueroa Brewery Name Barrio Brewing Company

Pueblo Vida's Kyle Jefferson (Credit: Pueblo Vida)

Brewer Profile: Pueblo Vida’s Kyle Jefferson

Brewer Name: Kyle Jefferson Brewery: Pueblo Vida Brewing Co. Address: 115 E Broadway

1912 Brewing's Allan Conger (Credit: 1912)

Brewer Profile: 1912 Brewing’s Allan Conger

Brewer Name: Allan Conger Brewery: 1912 Brewing Co. Address:

Sentinel Peak Brewing's Jeremy Hilderbrand (Credit: Sentinel Peak Brewing)

Brewer Profile: Sentinel Peak Brewing’s Jeremy Hilderbrand

Brewer Name: Jeremy Hilderbrand Brewery: Sentinel Peak Brewing Address: 4746 E Grant Rd,