Check Out Seth Rogen’s New R-Rated 3D Animated Movie, ‘Sausage Party’

On March 14, Seth Rogen released the trailer to his upcoming summer film, “Sausage Party.”

Think Toy Story or Cars, but with food. And minus the Disney aspect. Sausage Party has a lot of explicit humor.

“We really love animated movies and we would look at what animated movies did,” Rogen said when releasing the trailer at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, during South by South West.

“People like to project emotions onto things around them — onto their toys, onto their cars, onto their pets. That’s kind of what Pixar has done for the last 20 years. So we thought, what would it be like if our food had feelings? And we quickly realized that it would be f—ed up, because we eat it.”

The film begins with a woman at a grocery store. She picks up sausages and buns, played by Rogen and Kristen Wiig respectively. Of course, the two are in love. They’re ecstatic to go home together, along with everyone else in the shopping cart.

“The only thing food wants is to go home with us.” Or so they thought.

The upbeat film soon turns dark when the woman begins peeling a potato and grating cheese. One by one, each ingredient is torn to shreds to.

Rogen’s character, Frank, becomes the hero of the story when he tries to warn everyone in the super market of the horrors to come.

From the writers of Pineapple Express and Superbad, the movie features Jonah Hill, Salma Hayek, Bill Hader, James Franco, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, and more.

While the film has yet to be rated officially, it is said to be rated R. Its vulgar language makes it clear that it is not a movie for children.

Although the movie is still a work in progress, it’s scheduled to hit theaters in August.

For more information, visit and watch the trailer above.

Gloria Knott was Tucson Foodie's 2016 journalism and social media intern.

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