7 December, 2021, 00:16

Casa Film Bar Launches Homebrew School & Competition

Want to learn how to brew your own beer and have a shot at seeing it for sale at Casa Film Bar and Sentinel Peak Brewing Company?

Homebrew School begins May 16 at Casa Film bar with help from Sentinel Peak, Brew Your Own Beer, and Mr. Beer Homebrew Kits. Students will receive hands-on learning for six months.

Once the learning and brewing are complete, judges from the Certified Beer Judge Program will pick the best in class. The winner’s beer will have a micro-scale batch brewed by Sentinel Peak for sale at their brewery and at Casa Film bar.

“There is nothing more fun than bringing new people into the craft beer world,” said Ty Young, Casa Film Bar bar manager and beer educator (full disclosure: Young regularly writes for Tucson Foodie). “We’re taking an additional step and showing the dedication to craft beer that homebrewers and brewers alike share. Students will experience nearly every aspect of the process, helping to increase their appreciation of great beer.”

The course is designed for brewers with little to no experience, so don’t be intimidated. Students can also work in teams.

“Creativity and community are two of the top reasons craft beer drinkers transition into homebrewing,” said Mr. Beer President Rick Zich. “Fewer things are more rewarding than sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a pint or two of delicious craft beer that you brewed yourself.”

To register, contact Casa Film Bar at casavideo@dakotacom.net before May 16. There’s no cost to sign up, but ingredients and beer kits are not included. Beer kits for the class will be available discounted through Brew Your Own Beer.

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