Farmers Market Profile: Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts’ Nick & Marlee Tyldesley

By Jenny Rothschild
By Jenny Rothschild
July 8, 2016

Nick and Marlee Tyldesley are the husband and wife duo behind Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts. It all started when a family friend gifted the couple an ice cream maker.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur and a cook for as long as I can remember,” said Nick Tyldesley. “When we started making ice cream, I liked to add a chef’s flair to the flavors we created.”

In October 2015, Genuine Creamery was born. By November, the Tyldesleys were selling ice cream at farmers markets. But it was winter and the first couple of months inched along. Slowly, word of mouth started to spread and they soon had regular customers stopping by to try all of the new flavors.

Next came the doughnuts.

“The first time we brought our brioche doughnuts to the market, we came with three dozen and completely sold out,” said Nick.

The doughnuts are different from most of the other local shops. Brioche doughnuts tend to be more dense thanks to the way the dough is made and set for almost 24 hours before being fried.

“We put a lot of work into our products and we hope that you can taste the effort in the end.”

Genuine’s most popular ice cream flavors are Sonoran Chocolate and Salted Carmel, but they also feature rotating flavors, like German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Balsamic and Dirty Chai.

While the ice cream was Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts launching product, the doughnuts have started superseding it. A local whiskey favorite even makes an appearance in their maple bacon doughnut.

“Our Maple Bacon Doughnut is killing it right now,” says Nick. “We try to add our own kick to it. The bacon is candied and we use local Whiskey Del Bac to create a caramel reduction. It plays to all parts of your taste buds.”

Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts' Maple Bacon Doughnut (Photo by Jennifer Rothschild)
Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts’ Maple Bacon Doughnut (Photo by Jennifer Rothschild)

Nick and Marlee aren’t the only two working hard, either. A great friend, Mike Kinsey, is an investor.

“He is currently serving in the United States Army, but is constantly striving to help us with new ideas for the company,” Tyldesley says. “He is a terrific business partner and an even better friend. He was into our passion for what we do and knew the product would be worth the investment.”

Kinsey’s investment has paid off. This business is one built on passion and a love for creative flavors. The inspiration for those flavors comes from local styles, other cultures and pure imagination.

The future for Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts is bright. A recent 12-foot trailer purchase will be converted into a food truck with a deep fryer and an ice cream maker.

“We want to make ice cream sandwiches using our doughnuts and eventually branch out to fried chicken sandwiches.”

Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts is a goal oriented company with high ambitions and the wherewithal to make things happen.

“One day, I hope to represent Tucson and end up on a list for the best donuts or ice cream in the nation.”

Look for Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts on Sundays at Rillito Park, but make sure to get there early in order to grab your favorite variety. When school is back in session, you can find them at University of Arizona Main Campus Market on Wednesdays. Also, check out the Genuine Creamery & Doughnuts Facebook page page or for information on new flavors and special events.

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