Robeks Fresh Juice & Smoothies Adds Taste of Brazil in Honor of 2016 Olympics

Robeks Fresh Juice & Smoothies has added three special edition smoothies and bowls inspired by the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the 2016 Olympics.

Brazil’s Flavor Destination was created to make you “feel like you’re relaxing on the sunny beaches of Rio, no matter where you are.”

Acai berries are native to Central and South America, and within recent years, the fruit has gained popularity in the United States. Because of its South American origination, in addition to its health benefits, acai is included in each of the Brazilian creations at Robeks.

“The acai berry has only grown in popularity as people recognize the great taste and health benefits,” Director of Marketing Matt Furman said.

“Combined with a refreshing and nutrient rich summer fruit like watermelon, we’ve come up with some great recipes that we’re really excited for people to try,” he said.

The first item on the Brazilian menu is the Brazilian Berry Smoothie. The smoothie features fresh watermelon, acai juice, frozen yogurt, pineapple, mango, and mint leaves.

Next is the Amazonia Bowl, which is a Zola acai and fresh watermelon blend with pineapple and strawberries. The bowl is topped with shredded and chocolate covered coconut, banana chips, mango, bee pollen, and raw honey.

Lastly, Robeks is offering the Nutty Rio Bowl. Also made with Zoca acai and fresh watermelon, the Nutty Rio Bowl includes peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries. The bowl is topped with banana chips, granola, chocolate covered coconut, bee pollen, and raw honey.

The Brazilian editions will be available until Sunday, October 2.

Amazonia Bowl at Robeks (Credit: Gloria Knott)

Amazonia Bowl at Robeks (Credit: Gloria Knott)

Robeks offers healthy bowls and smoothies made from natural and fresh ingredients. Robeks is located at 50 S. Houghton Rd. in Eastern Tucson, and 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd. in Northern Tucson.

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Gloria Knott was Tucson Foodie's 2016 journalism and social media intern.