This Week At the Market: Eggplants, Pupusas & Chile Ristras

October 27, 2016
By Jenny Rothschild
By Jenny Rothschild

This week brings candy, pumpkins, costumes and trick or treating. Are you are dressing up as a comic book character, animal, or something much more unique and creative? Consider giving the costume a test drive prior to the big night and wear it to the market.

Community Food Bank Farmers Markets

Don’t get ride of your pumpkins after Monday’s holiday. Save them for the Community Food Bank’s first Annual Pumpkin Smash on Saturday November 5 from 1 – 4 p.m. at Las Milpitas Farm. This family friendly event will focus on sustainable gardening practices. The day will also include composting, recipes, and a pumpkin catapulting competition.

Santa Cruz River Farmers Market

100 S. Avenida del Convento, 3 – 6 p.m. Thursday

  • The Roasted Chile is full of delicious green chile treats. Stop by this vendor for roasted chiles on a stick, fat-free, gluten-free chile rellenos, green chile corn bread and green chile corn chowder.
  • Peppermint Jim will help you combat any cold or flu that may have settled into your home. Visit for mint essential oils, misters, lip balm and freshly cut mint sprigs.
El Pueblo Mobile Market

El Rio Parking lot, Irvington Road and 6th Avenue, 3 – 5 p.m. Monday

Community Food Bank Farm Stand

3003 S. Country Club Rd., 8 a.m. – noon Tuesday

  • Abundant Harvest Cooperative has collected apples, sweet peppers, green chiles, eggplant, dried chiltepines, carob powder and eggs.

For more information visit


FoodInRoot is on the lookout for vendors to attend its second VegOut event on November 6. The first event had over 1,000 visitors and the goal for this round is to make it even bigger. If you are interested in joining in on this fun, vegan food fest, email Clayton at

St. Philip’s Artisan Market

4280 N. Campbell Rd., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday

  • La Tauna Tortilla is a small family owned tortilla factory committed to providing the best vegan tortillas with no preservatives or additives. Grab a package and enjoy all week.
  • Del Monti’s is the place to stop for pizzelles, frosted Italian anise cookies, and other speciality Italian delights.  
St. Philip’s Plaza Farmers Market

4280 N. Campbell Rd., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Sunday

  • Del Cielo Tamales offers a wide variety of quality tamales. Enjoy green corn, traditional, vegetarian, vegan, spinach, and more.
  • Selena’s Salvadorian Food has something a little different for you to enjoy. Try a pupusa and a flavorful bowl of posole.

For more information visit 

Heirloom Farmers Markets

Longtime farmers market vendor Grammy’s recently lost their family home to a fire. This comes not long after a beloved family member, Sue or Grammy as she was known to many, passed away. This family has been recovering and in the process of moving on with their jams and jelly business, but all of that was unfortunately lost.  The full extent of the family’s needs are not known yet, but a fundraising campaign is underway to help them relocate and rebuild. Please consider donating here to the sweet family.

Rillito Park

4502 N. 1st Ave., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Sunday

  • Maria’s Ristras have returned to the market! The colorful strand of dried chiles are traditional and quintessentially loved southwest decor.
Oro Valley

10901 N. Oracle Rd., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday

  • Jack and the Bean Soup creates ready to cook gourmet bean and lentil soup mixes from the best legumes and spices. All that needs to be done is to add the beans, a special blend spice packet and 10 cups of water to the crock pot in the morning and come home to healthy home cooked meal.
Trail Dust Town

6541 E. Tanque Verde Rd., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Friday

  • Larry’s Veggies picks all of its produce within 24-48 hours prior to the market. The fresh, in-season vegetables are ready for you to bring home. Also pick up eggs for the week while you’re there.

For more information visit

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