30 November, 2022, 10:16

Renee’s Organic Oven, Yellow Brick Coffee selected for Yelp business leader conference

Renee Kreager from Renee’s Organic Oven and Anna Perreira from Yellow Brick Coffee have been selected to participate in this year’s Coast-To-Coast (C2c) event November 14 – 16 at Yelp’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The conference hosts 100 of North America’s top-rated local business leaders, who will be celebrated for their accomplishments and given a platform to inspire colleagues with techniques that take advantage of word-of-mouth, Yelp or not.

Kreager was one of 20 C2C veterans from last year selected to return to this year’s event. She’s also part of Yelp’s Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance, which Yelp recognizes as comprised of critical thinkers who effectively use today’s technology to grow their business.

As part of the Community segment, Kreager will discuss with participants about effective ways to get involved with their Yelp Community Manager as well as other local organizations, nonprofits and festivals to spread awareness for their business.

“I just learned the ten of us that are ambassadors are also having an hour lunch with Jeremy, the CEO of Yelp, to learn what makes business owners appreciate or hate Yelp and how to build a strong bridge from guest to local business,” Kreager said.

Yelp leaders will provide education on Yelp best practices and ask for business feedback on Yelp.

For more information, visit yelpc2c.com.

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