Twisted Tandoor a Food Truck No More; Brick & Mortar Location To Open in January

November 10, 2016
By Gloria Knott
By Gloria Knott

Scheduled for an open date in January, The Twisted Tandoor is opening a brick and mortar restaurant in the former Relish space, at 4660 E. Camp Lowell Dr.

Twisted Tandoor, known for their Indian food truck, is owned by Roop Singh in partnership with Jam Culinary Concepts — the same organization behind Vero Amore and Noble Hops.

In addition to being the manager and owner of the restaurant, Roop will run the kitchen and be the face of the restaurant. The food truck will still cater weddings and private events.

“We’re just really excited about it,” said Jam co-owner Suzanne Kaiser. “We have a menu set already, and hope to open in January.”

Unlike some other Indian restaurants, Twisted Tandoor will not be offering a buffet option.

“We have quality proteins and high quality food,” Kaiser said. “We’re much more of a gourmet Indian restaurant than others in town.”

Twisted Tandoor Menu Highlights

  • Kathi Roll — Chicken or paneer sauteed in onions and tomatoes, wrapped in an egg-layered tortilla
  • Chicken Quesadilla — Tandoori chicken, spices, three blend Italian cheese
  • Quesadilla — Spinach, spices, three blend Italian cheese
  • Onion Pakoras — Gram flour batter fried onions
  • Papdi Chaat — Tortilla chips topped with potatoes
  • Samosa Chaat — Samosas served over chickpeas cooked in spices with a ginger, onion, and tomato sauce.
  • Aloo Chaat — Roasted potatoes coated with house spices, served with housemade sauces
  • Keema Samosa — Savory pastry with spiced ground beef, served with housemade sauces
  • Veg Samosa — Savory pastry  with spiced potatoes  and peas, served with housemade sauces
Grilled Meats
  • Chapli Kebab — Ground beef patties with mint, cilantro, onions, and spices
  • Tandoori Chicken — Chicken thighs marinated in yogurt-based marinade
  • Kofta Curry — Beef meatballs stewed in spicy curry
  • Lamb Roghan Josh — Lamb shanks stewed in Kashmiri spices
  • Pork Vindaloo — Pork stewed in spices, vinegar, and tamarind
  • Curried Coconut Chicken — Chicken thighs, coconut milk, curry leaves, spices
  • Chicken Korma — Chicken simmered in a yogurt-based sauce
  • Saag Meat — Lamb or chicken with spinach
  • Chicken Tikka Masala — Grilled chicken simmered in a tomato cream sauce

The menu, which can be seen in full detail on Facebook, will also feature salads, vegetarian plates, and desserts.

You may remember the restaurant had announced set plans to open a brick and mortar location in 2015. Sadly, Roop’s husband, Mukhi, who was also heavily involved in the Twisted Tandoor business, passed away shortly after the announcement.

“We started this when Mukhi was still alive,” Kaiser said. “They were very limited with the amount of food and type of food they could make on the truck. Mukhi wanted to have special alcohol and beer to complement the food.”

And now, the brick and mortar restaurant will honor Mukhi’s wishes, as the menu will include Indian cocktails and beer.

In terms of the location, Roop and the Jam team have been working on finalizing the lease for the Relish space since August.

“We’ve been looking for locations for two years,” Kaiser said. “We’re really happy that it’s settled, and Roop likes it better than any other place we’ve seen.”

Kaiser says they don’t need to do a lot of work to the space, but they’re excited to get started.

The location, on Camp Lowell Drive near Swan Road, is nearly walking distance from JAM’s sister restaurant Vero Amore. Kaiser noted the convenience of the location, mentioning that Vero Amore staff will be able to help Twisted Tandoor in the event of large groups and parties.

“Twisted Tandoor really is a destination,” she said. “Because people would come to the truck wherever it was, we feel the same with the restaurant — people will come wherever it’s at.”

“We’re really happy that Twisted Tandoor is part of our family, and we’re just really excited to get it open,” Kaiser said.

For more information, visit The Twisted Tandoor Facebook Page. The restaurant is still working on their website, which can be visited at

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