20 January, 2021, 06:08

PY Steakhouse Spring Menu Highlights Bright & Indulgent Flavors

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Executive chef Ryan Clark employs a wide range of techniques with high-end ingredients from around the world in the recently launched spring menu at Casino Del Sol’s flagship restaurant, PY Steakhouse.

While regulars never have to worry about the steaks and cold seafood favorites leaving the menu, Clark’s seasonal items excel at highlighting the very best the season has to offer.

To start, order the cow’s milk cheese pot de crème ($12). A glass jar of savory custard is topped with fragrant truffle honey and served alongside pork fat brioche and sherry-compressed local strawberries. To take the already indulgent dish to the next level, add Hudson Valley foie gras ($12).

For a salivating blend of flavors, try the prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin ($29) served on a bed of red cabbage with umeboshi vinaigrette, compressed pineapple, and house fermented fresno-garlic hot sauce. The prosciutto adds a crispy, salty bite, while the quality E & R pork is cooked to a juicy medium-rare. The umeboshi and compressed pineapple add a unique acidity and sweetness, while the fermented hot sauce adds savory depth.

Fresh peas and shoots are highlighted in the jumbo diver scallops ($34) entree. The deeply-seared scallops lay alongside a mound of risotto carbonara with house pancetta and a cured egg yolk. The peas and lemon oil balance the rich dish with bright spring flavors.

Risotto is also a feature for the Alaskan halibut ($34), though it’s combined with boursin cheese and fennel instead for a more floral approach. Spinach, pickled baby beets, and radish highlight the earthy bounty of spring.

Brussels sprouts will stay on the menu, but the koji is gone. The roasted Brussels sprouts ($8) achieves addictive funk and crispness with added acidity via grapefruit-kimchi vinaigrette and pistachios.

For the grand finale, don’t miss out on the Duck Fat Donuts. The airy donuts are fried in a blend of peanut oil and duck fat and served with foie gras caramel, whipped vanilla cream, chocolate sauce, and cacao nibs. The aroma alone is enough to bring you to your knees, but one bite into the warm donut will make you forget about everything else in existence.

PY Steakhouse is located at the Casino Del Sol Resort at 5655 W. Valencia Rd. To make a reservation, call (520) 324-9350. For more information, visit casinodelsol.com.

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