26 September, 2022, 13:46

Snout-to-Tail Dinner Series Continues With 10 Chefs & “32 Degrees North Latitude” (MENU)

GUT! Snout-to-Tail Tucson Collaborative Pop-Up Dinner #2: 32 Degrees North Latitude
6 – 9:30 p.m. Sunday, July 30
The Carriage House
125 S. Arizona Ave.
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The Gastronomic Union of Tucson (GUT), a local chef team of Justice League proportions, has returned for their second pop-up dinner at 6 p.m., Sunday, July 30 at the Carriage House.

This time around, the five-course wine dinner spans the globe across 32 Degrees North Latitude with dishes from the U.S., Japan, China, and India.

“I am heading the Punjab, India dish,” said CJ Hamm, executive chef at Saguaro Corners. “Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines with its aggressive spice palette and home-cooking feel. I am going to bring that to the plate along with some of my technical flare and finesse touches.”

“I’m excited that we are now putting a global spin on pork using different parts of the pig from last time,” said Janet Jones, executive chef at Hacienda del Lago. “As soon as we started talking about the dinner I knew I wanted pig ear, and when I saw Szechuan on our list I nabbed it. The dessert ‘ice cream’ will have a little floral, sweet, and minty heat to finish with the peppers.”

“From the city that has its own smell when it rains, I’ll be working with aromas for my dish,” said Matt Kraiss, executive chef at Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar.

Ham, Jones, and Kraiss are just a couple chefs from the talented Tucson roster in the dinner:

  • Max Provost – Private Chef & Caterer
  • Jason Purdy – Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar
  • CJ Hamm – Saguaro Corners
  • Matt Kraiss – Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar
  • Devon Sanner – The Carriage House
  • Eric Catalano – The Forum at Tucson
  • Janet Jones – Hacienda Del Lago
  • Ben Forbes – Forbes Meat Company
  • Drew Burk – Mercenary Chef

Tickets are $75 per person. To purchase tickets, visit the GUT! Snout-to-Tail Tucson Collaborative Pop-Up Dinner #2 ticket page.

GUT! Snout-to-Tail Tucson Collaborative Pop-Up Dinner Menu

Passed Hors D’oeuvres
  • Oysters on half-shell with bacon fat mignonette
  • Low-country shrimp boil skewers
  • Aged cheddar pimento cheese with ham garnish on saltines
First Course: Kyushu
  • Tonkotsu – alkaline noodles, i’itoi onion, pickled shiitake, snout & jowl garnish
Second Course: Punjab
  • Pork Tikka Masala – coriander basmati, minted cashew cream, kiwi chutney, chichi roti
Third Course: Tucson
  • Mesquite-Smoked Pork Rib – Arizona-creosote polenta, proscuitto-wrapped belly rib, fermented nopales
Dessert – Szechuan
  • Coquant pig ear on white chocolate, hibiscus & Fujian white Szechuan ice cream

For more information, visit gutucson.org.

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