Wild Garlic Grill Announces November 2 Opening at Skyline Location

California-French fusion restaurant Wild Garlic Grill announced their new location at 2870 E. Skyline Dr., #120 in Plaza Colonial, which formerly housed Shlomo & Vito’s New York Delicatessen & Pizza Kitchen, is officially open on Thursday, November 2. The original location at 2530 N. 1st Ave. closed permanently Tuesday night.

“In the four plus years since our doors have been open, we have been blessed to have a loyal and passionate clientele that is at the core of our success,” said Maudi Gourdin-Schultz, who is married to executive chef Steven Schultz and owns Wild Garlic Grill. “Steven and I are delighted with the response from the community toward our modern approach to French cuisine and with every passing year the numbers continues to grow.”

To read more about the transition between locations, read Wild Garlic Grill to Relocate to Former Shlomo & Vito’s.

Wild Garlic Grill is located at 2870 E. Skyline Dr., #120. For more information, visit wildgarlicgrill.com.

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