26 September, 2022, 16:32

VIDEO: Culinary Dropout Grant Road Lumber Yard Highlights

When Tucson Foodie announced Sam Fox’s plans to open a Culinary Dropout Grant Road Lumber Yard in the historic Grant Road Lumber location, much of Tucson – ourselves included – got giddy. A 20,000 square foot space with cornhole, ping pong, a massive enclosed patio, live music, and great food and drink? Sold.

Fast forward two years and the wait is over. And it was worth it. Fox’s first new concept in Tucson since Blanco opened in 2007, the restaurant met and exceeded expectations. They’ve also been extremely busy since opening – often even lunch goers need a reservation.

Tucson Foodie got an inside look at some of what makes Culinary Dropout tick, including some of the more popular dishes, creative drinks, and activities.

Culinary Dropout at Grant Road Lumber Yard is located at 2543 E. Grant Rd. For more information, visit culinarydropout.com.

Shana Rose is a Tucson-based food writer and videographer.