Chefs Read Bad Reviews: Matt & Nikki Thompson, CJ Hamm & Mateo Otero

Chefs Matt & Nikki Thompson, CJ Hamm, and Mateo Otero read and respond to their bad reviews.

Responding professionally would usually be ideal for maintaining customer relations, but in Chefs Read Bad Reviews, anything is fair game.

In the fourth episode of the series, chef-owners Nikki and Matt Thompson, Mateo Otero, and executive chef CJ Hamm read and respond to their bad online reviews.

Nook chef-owners Matt and Nikki knew that they wouldn’t be able to serve all customers with their limited dining hours, but thank everyone that brave the wait. One reviewer’s meal was solid but they ‘got old’ waiting for it. If the meal is solid, guess Nook is worth the wait indeed.

Some Saguaro Corners’ reviewers comment on the extremely slow, clumsy, and unapologetic wait staff. Executive chef Hamm hopes these customers come back to give Saguaro Corners another chance, as he ‘enjoys’ spilling mac ‘n’ cheese on patrons and ‘yelling obscenities’.

Rollies Mexican Patio‘s negative reviews span from “a waste” to “don’t ever go there.” But one ended on a lighter note, insisting they would be back to try something else because chef-owner Otero’s menu looks promising with a delicious selection of sauces.

Shana Rose is a Tucson-based food writer and videographer.