Flavor-infused corn tortillas, hot from Che West

Tacopalooza chef Jose Zavala, better known as Che West, has upped the local tortilla game with his colorful and flavor-infused corn tortillas.

Zavala’s two current flavors, garlic green onion black corn and chilé sauce red corn, are made at Tortillas Don Juan.

He incorporates his garlic green onion pureé with a mix of water, corn masa, and tamale masa. Blue and red corn masa create the dark burgundy color.

The Chilé Pato Sauce red corn tortillas’ color and subtle spicy kick come from El Pato hot sauce and enchilada sauce.

Both recipes are gluten and fat-free.

Tortillas by Che West are sold by the pound at Tortillas Don Juan, Los Amigos Meat Market, and are available on special at Rollies Mexican Patio.

Keep up with Jose Zavala on Instagram at @che_west.

Shana Rose is a Tucson-based food writer and videographer.