Tacos Apson: Mouth-Watering Mesquite-Grilled Carne Asada & More

Beloved South 12th Avenue taqueria, Tacos Apson serves carne asada tacos, al pastor, fish tacos, barbacoa, bull testicles, and more.

Tacos Apson sits inconspicuously among a plethora of Mexican restaurants and taquerias on South 12th Avenue.

Inside you’ll find the walls decked out with band memorabilia, a full salsa bar, and a bartop directly in front of the mesquite grill.

Javier Durazo opened Tacos Apson in 2001 — the name pays tribute to his father Francisco Javier Durazo, drummer of the Mexican rock band Los Apson.

When the taqueria first opened, they only served carne asada tacos. As popularity grew, they expanded offerings to include barbacoa, al pastor, and fish tacos.

Additionally, they serve a variety of offal such as lengua, tripas, and cabeza. The brave and adventurous can try a rare ingredient: huevo becerro criadillas, a.k.a. bull testicles.

Other popular tacos worth ordering include the Chino, rasurado, Hass, and Apson.

Tacos Apson is located at 3501 S. 12th Ave. For more information, call (520) 670-1248 or visit tacosapson.com.

Shana Rose is a Tucson-based food writer and videographer.