Women’s History Month Episode 2: Coralie Satta, Janet Jones, Wendy Gauthier

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting nine badass chefs. In episode one, we featured Gabrielle Thomas, Maria Mazon, and Wendy Garcia.

Some are business owners that have been in the game for years — others are sous chefs that worked their way up straight out of culinary school. All are notable female chefs in the Tucson culinary scene.

Chef-owner Coralie Satta, chef-owner Wendy Gauthier, and executive sous chef Janet Jones all strive for excellence.

Coralie Satta’s numerous awards and featured articles from local magazines and newspapers adorn the walls of Ghini’s French Caffe’s. Satta’s award-winning French-fare cooking stems from her passion for sourcing local and serving the best ingredients. “We make things that taste great and look beautiful,” Satta said.

Chef Chic owner-chef Wendy Gauthier believes in providing more than just food to her clients, but a great experience as well. Chef Chic’s tagline is “wow,” because excellent customer service is one of Gauthier’s core values.

“We’re not just about putting food in front of you,” Gauthier said, “it’s about making sure we meet all your needs.”

Tanque Verde Ranch executive sous chef Janet Jones’ early culinary education was shaped by a chef and mentor that instilled in her to always work hard and be open to continuous learning. Her hard work and strong work ethic had her exceeding her own goals. “My five year plan was to become an executive chef in 5 years,” Jones said. “I did that before I finished culinary school.”

Our Women’s History Month spotlight is three episodes, which can be found here at tucsonfoodie.com, on the Tucson Foodie YouTube channel, and on the Tucson Foodie Facebook page.

Shana Rose is a Tucson-based food writer and videographer.