14 December, 2019, 00:41

Vegan-vegetarian restaurant “The Tasteful Kitchen” offers extra-tasty weekly meal service

The vegan and vegetarian favorite has rolled out local-focused meal prep.

If you in live in Tucson and you’re vegan, it’s likely you’re well aware of North Stone Avenue’s The Tasteful Kitchen.

Opened in 2011 and operated by sisters Keanne and Sigret Thompson, the cozy, intimate space has maintained a loyal following for Sigret’s impeccable and original vegan creations.

Open just five nights a week, the demand for The Tasteful Kitchen’s cuisine resulted in the launch of a weekly meal service option.

“Many of our regular customers tell us we make and serve the best vegan food in the city,” said Keanne Thompson. “And it’s the type of vegan cuisine that appeals to anyone, really – vegan or not.”

While the menu in the restaurant changes often and not all dishes available in the restaurant are also offered as a meal service option, there is some crossover for the most popular guest favorites, like Herb Crusted Cauliflower Steak (thick cut cauliflower, herb roasted potatoes, greens, cherry tomato, herb pesto, vegan buerre blanc), Stuffed Poblano Pepper (with Southwest succotash), and Ratatouille (with polenta).

It’s a great option for people that want to eat healthy and tasty dining out and at home, too. With meal prep dishes starting at $12 per meal and even less with larger orders, it’s also affordable.

But don’t forget – The Tasteful Kitchen is a restaurant first and foremost. They’re doing some cool things with regards to dining in Tucson, including an upcoming 10 course dinner in December. Paired with wine, details will be forthcoming.

“We did a 10 course dinner on Earth Day that just blew people away,” said Keanne. “Since then, we’ve had quite a few requests to do another.”

If you’re considering the weekly meal service, be aware that special requests cannot always be honored. While all attempts are made to be as flexible as possible, due to the preparation of meals for multiple people at one time, some substitutions or exclusions aren’t feasible. To be sure, contact the restaurant.

You’ll also want to contact the restaurant if you’re interested in the 10 course dinner, get in touch quick as it’s limited to just 24 guests.

Lastly, if you really love The Tasteful Kitchen but still want to cook your own tasty and healthy meals, Thompson teaches both vegan and gluten-free cooking classes.

The Tasteful Kitchen is located at 722 N. Stone Ave. and is open 5 – 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information regarding The Tasteful Kitchen Meal Prep, menus, or reservations, call the restaurant at (520) 250-9600 or visit thetastefulkitchen.com.

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