16 October, 2021, 17:28

Tay’s BBQ brings people together with family-style barbecue & outdoor fun

The new restaurant "is a place to meet neighbors you never knew you had."

When Natasha Herzig opened Tay’s Brew House in Corona De Tucson, her goal was to create a hub for the community to gather. Tay’s BBQ, the new restaurant occupying the same building as the coffee shop, is an exciting expansion of that goal.

“Tay’s is a place to meet neighbors you never knew you had,” Herzig said. “It’s a place to get to know your community.”

With its open-air concept and wooden picnic tables, visiting Tay’s feels the same as going to a family member’s backyard party.

After ordering at the window and grabbing a drink from the full bar — Tay’s serves a range of local beers — you can opt to sit around the restaurant’s fire pit while you wait for your food.

The outdoor area offers games, such as cornhole, and features occasional live music.

The menu

Like the coffee beans at the Brew House, Herzig was determined to source only the best ingredients and techniques for her BBQ menu. The meats — brisket, pulled chicken, and pulled pork —are all smoked in a wood smoker from Texas and can be paired with Tay’s house-made BBQ sauce, available in both mild and spicy varieties.

While the recipe is a tightly kept secret, the sauce is North Carolina style, rich with a vinegar bite.

The sides are also house made and evoke classic, Fourth of July-style cookout memories.

The potato salad, made from a mayo base, is creamy and tangy and the Cowboy BBQ Beans are a customer favorite. Crunchy slaw and fries round out the menu.

Herzig spent months recipe testing everything to make sure that it was nothing short of perfect. “I want everything to be the best it can be,” she said.

The most popular menu item is the Family Ranch Pack, with two pounds of meat, three family-sized sides, and five slices of Texas toast. It’s a perfect way to feed a group on a warm summer night.

And you can’t miss Tay’s signature funnel fries for dessert. The carnival favorite comes in portable form with the choice of caramel or strawberry drizzle.

Herzig’s motivation for running the two businesses, Tay’s Brew House and the barbecue spot, has always been the community — those who live within it and those who serve it.

“We want to honor what’s important to us,” she said.

*The Brew House offers discounts to first responders and members of the military.

Tay’s owner Natasha Herzig with staff member Rachel Frey (Credit: Kate Severino)

Tay’s caters

Tay’s also caters; orders can be placed by calling the restaurant at (520) 762-3439.

Herzig is planning to implement a new weekend menu that features specials, like ribs, in order to create new opportunities for people to come together.

Location & operating hours

Tay’s BBQ, located at 6461 S. Houghton Rd., is open from 4 – 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Keep up with Tay’s BBQ on Facebook.

Samantha Colaianni has family roots in Tucson that go back before the Gadsden Purchase. When she's not cooking Mexican food, she's baking Mexican pastries.