Seasonal mocktails, agua frescas & alcohol-free sips to try in July

Mocktails are making waves on the drink front.

Cheers to a new series: monthly mocktails served locally. Each month will highlight refreshing non-alcoholic sips for you to try in Tucson. Stay tuned for our seasonal picks and let us know if you try them.

Non-alcoholic beverages are trending in Tucson — yay for those of us who prefer not to imbibe… and frankly, those of us who just enjoy a delicious, creative drink sans alcohol.

Here are our picks of mocktails, softails, agua frescas, elevated juices (whatever name works for you) for the month.

“Bye Felicia” at Elvira’s

256 E. Congress St.
Cocktail at Around the Table (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Bye Felicia mocktail at Around the Table (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Elvira’s mixologist, Eric Harding, has just launched his new mocktail menu and it is scrumptious. The Bye Felicia ($8) — named for the local charity, Felicia’s Farm, where the thyme and rosemary garnish is grown — is the star.

The beet and red onion shrub serve as an earthy base and blend beautifully with the Seedlip garden mixer. Fresh lime and slightly fizzy Topo Chico give it a bit of a zing.

What really sets it apart is the gorgeous smell every time you go in for a sip — the fresh thyme, rosemary, and beet present a fragrant herb garden for the nose. Salut!

A dollar from every one of these mocktails is donated to directly to Felicia’s Farm. Sip for a great cause.

Another Elvira’s mocktail highlight:

  • Ginger Spice ($8) — Seedlip spice, ginger and chile syrup, lemon, and Toto Chico

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Lychee-Raspberry Soda at Tito & Pep

4122 E. Speedway Blvd.

Mocktails at Tito & Pep (Credit: Jenn Teufel Schoenberger)

The stand-out mocktail at Tito & Pep this season is the Lychee-Raspberry Soda ($4).

The slightly fizzy beverage balances sweet and tart with its unusual combination of lychee puree, raspberry and elderflower cordial, and lemon with a soda base.

Other Tito & Pep mocktail highlights:

  • Jamaica Lemonade ($3.50) — House lemonade topped with jamaica syrup made from hibiscus, allspice, and cinnamon
  • Mock Cactus Cooler ($5) – Freshly squeezed carrot, orange, pineapple, and lime juices with a splash of simple syrup and soda

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Hola Hemp Horchata at Charro Vida

7109 N. Oracle Rd.

Hola Hemp Horchata at Charro Vida (Credit: Jackie Tran)

When Charro Vida launched their plant driven menu, we welcomed their healthy (delicious) alternatives to cocktails.

The Hola Hemp Horchata ($4.50) features a creamy hemp, rice, and almond milk base with vanilla. It’s sweetened with agave and raw sugar and spiced with cinnamon. This vegan refresco hit all the right notes.

Other Charro Vida refrescos:

  • Lima y Limon ($4.50) — agave-sweetened lemon-limeade with a mint sprig
  • Tumeric Temptation ($5) — turmeric, agave, and citrus lima y limon
  • We got the Beet ($5.50) — beet powder, citrus, agave, and a fresh-cut house-grown sorrel leaf
  • Sandia Seed or Jamaica Organico seasonal recipes ($4.50)fresh watermelon agua fresca or 100% organic jamaica juice

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Have a favorite spot to sip on non-alcoholic drinks? Let us know in the comments.

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