4th Avenue Delicatessen closing after six years in business

The restaurant announced the closure on Facebook.


After announcing their plans to close, 4th Avenue Delicatessen posted the following on the restaurant’s Facebook page December 6:


Fourth Avenue restaurant 4th Avenue Delicatessen, also known as 4th Ave Deli, announced plans to close indefinitely after over six years in business.

Owner Austin Counts posted the following on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Monday afternoon:

STORE CLOSING! It breaks my heart to write this but the deli will be closing it’s doors on Sunday Dec. 15 (Street Fair Sunday) due to economic reasons.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always struggled each year trying to make a dollar at this place, but with the close of Flycatcher (Plush) and the subsequent construction in the area has killed business for us. My daily sales are consistently less than what they were the first year I was open (when no one even knew about us) and I just don’t have the heart to continue being the sandwich Sisyphus of 4th Ave, rolling the rock up hill hoping things will turn around… only to have it roll back and crush you. Every. Damn. Year.

I’ve begged and borrowed everything I could to keep the doors open since I noticed business want turning around after this past summer but it’s just not happening for us this year and I don’t think I’ll be relocating.

That’s life… oh well. Come grab a sandwich before Dec. 15. Thanks for 6 1/2 years Tucson.

The restaurant stands out with its affordable, quality sandwich and hot dog menu, so enjoy them while you can.

4th Avenue Delicatessen is located at 425 N. 4th Ave. Keep up with 4th Avenue Delicatessen on Facebook.

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