Growing Goodness: From the breakfast menu to overall awareness

"Our breakfast is the star & our strongest performer."

When discovering food that actually elevates your mood and sets you on a more sustainable path throughout the day, it’s not very difficult to land a solid meal here in Tucson. While there are plenty of healthier options out there, serving these types of dishes is nothing new for Goodness — they’re perfecting it, so to speak.

Facade of Goodness on Campbell (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

Since the beginning, they’ve delivered healthier food alternatives, and as of late, the restaurant finds itself with a much more deeply rooted and purposeful mission. Frankly, the focus has always been on serving delicious food that’s healthy, inspiring self-nourishment, partnering with brands that have good intentions, and more.

However, evolution is afoot at Goodness. The restaurant is refining its menu and expanding its breakfast options.

New breakfast dishes at Goodness (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

“We’re still going to offer the current menu and we’re not going to be closing any earlier,” said Daniel Thomas, Director of Operations of Blueprint Restaurant Concepts (Goodness/OBON Sushi Bar and Ramen). “Our breakfast is the star and our strongest performer of the day so we’re going to extend on that.”

“We are getting ready to grow goodness,” said Andre Joffroy, CEO of Blueprint Restaurant Concepts (Goodness/OBON Sushi Bar and Ramen). “But do we want to just open stores that serve good food? Not really. In reality, to the world, what are we offering that’s different? That’s really where our breakfast came about. Not that we’re doing a hyper-focus breakfast concept — not at all — but in our analysis, in the market, and where we felt there was a big lack is really in the quick-serve.”

Dining room at Goodness (Anna Smirnova)

Outdoor patio at Goodness (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

In the past seven years, Goodness has been open for breakfast and it has beyond any doubt been their leading menu throughout the day. Therefore, it only makes sense to hone in on an incredible breakfast menu while not putting all of their so-called eggs in one basket — lunch is still a priority, too. However, new things are coming to the restaurant, for goodness sake. One of those is a full-on coffee program (stay tuned for more details on that).

“We think that strategically, a lot of the competition doesn’t really focus on what we do if you want to put us in the same bucket as Flower Child or Salad and Go,” said Joffroy. “None of them really have a strong breakfast and that’s why we want to showcase our really good breakfast here.”

Avocado Toast and Smoked Salmon Toast at Goodness (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

Avocado Toast and Smoked Salmon Toast

Therefore, the recipe for a successful smooth beginning to your day is a wonderful breakfast. Goodness, who’s been known for concocting liquid pick-me-ups — drinkable morning meals, so to speak — has a couple of new smoothies on the way, along with two new juices as well.

Smoothies at Goodness (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

Smoothies at Goodness

Goodness is working on serving new produce items out of the kitchen, including Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and a variation of beets. These will all be incorporated into the upcoming additions to the amped-up menu like a new paleo morning bowl that’s currently getting its final touches.

Another dish that’s being prepped and polished for the new menu is a very enticing tamale plate. The dish comes complete with a fried egg and black beans, but standby for possible renditions as we creep closer to the menu’s debut in mid-October — this is just a sneak peek.

Tamale Plate (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

Tamale Plate

Then, to wrap things up, new burritos are on the horizon, too. The Plant-Based Burrito, which comes with Just Egg, tofu chorizo, black beans, quinoa, pico de gallo, avocado, and vegan cheese, is getting some new friends on the menu, including a Turkey Chorizo Burrito and one that’s stuffed with shaved ribeye.

Plant-Based Burrito and the Turkey Chorizo Burrito at Goodness (Photos by Anna Smirnova)

Plant-Based Burrito and the Turkey Chorizo Burrito

On that account, and in alignment with the changes of the season, keep an eye out for the grand reveal of Goodness’ newest menu this October.

“When we came up with these new ideas, it really came from a very purposeful state of mind,” said Joffroy. “We want to make sure that the people in our stores are living a better life.”

Facade of Goodness on Campbell (Photo by Anna Smirnova)

Goodness is located at 2502 N. Campbell Ave. For more information and hours of operation, visit

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