Substance Diner (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

On the Move: Substance Diner is Relocating to Screwbean Brewing

January 3, 2024
a woman sitting at a table with food
By Hannah Hernandez
By Hannah Hernandez

Substance Diner, the popular vegan food truck that folks are used to seeing stationed at MotoSonora Brewing, is on the move. Karl Poechlauer, the proud owner, is excited to announce the shift to a new spot right next to Screwbean Brewing at 103 N. Park Ave. #101. 

This change comes as MotoSonora plans to relocate its fairly new food truck, Pizza Sonora, prompting Karl to seek a fresh opportunity at a new location. 

Finding a new home wasn’t without its challenges, but thanks to a loyal customer’s suggestion, Screwbean Brewing will be the new home for Substance Diner. Karl emphasized that this move won’t be a big inconvenience for his regulars, as it’s just a couple of miles away. 

a sandwich sitting on top of a plate of food
Substance Diner (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

If you’ve yet to order from Substance Diner, the food truck is a vintage 1961 Shasta camper. When it comes to the setup, Karl mentioned, “The truck will be parked behind the building, with access to utilities and space for customers to pick up their orders. We’re also going to make sure there’s good signage to lead people to the truck.”

Regarding the menu and service, Karl plans to maintain the familiar experience.

“The ordering process and service will stay similar. We’ll add a breakfast menu from 8 to 11 a.m. and have breakfast and lunch overlapping on weekends, which we’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sunday,” he explained.

And don’t worry about changes in delivery or the menu — Karl assures everyone that they’ll still deliver and the menu will mostly stay the same. “The move won’t affect the top-notch quality and reliability that everyone expects from Substance Diner,” he added.

Karl’s aiming to open at Screwbean Brewing as soon as possible and appreciates the opportunity of working with MotoSonora for the past few years.

“I’m really grateful for everything Motosonora has done — we’ve had a great relationship,” he said. 

So, with the move, you can look forward to the same excellent plant-based food in a new, cozy environment, complemented by an array of in-house brewed beers, cocktails, espresso-based drinks, and more at Park Avenue near Broadway Boulevard.

If you’ve yet to visit Screwbean Brewing, they opened midway through 2023 and have quickly become a hot spot for morning coffee, a cozy spot for reading, and a slick taproom. The 1,000-square-foot modern industrial space is great during the colder and warmer seasons, but when the weather is near-perfect, be sure to enjoy a beverage outside on one of the brewery’s three spacious brick patios.

There is no exact opening date just yet but follow Substance Diner on Instagram to keep up with the latest. For more information, visit Screwbean Brewing Company is located at 103 N. Park Ave.  For more information, follow Screwbean Brewing Company on Instagram

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