Soda and Chonuts (Photo courtesy of FiiZ Drinks)

Utah-Based FiiZ Drinks to Open its First Location in Tucson

May 24, 2024
By Matt Sterner

"A delicious modern twist on the old soda fountain shop."

FiiZ Drinks, a soda shop that began in Bountiful, Utah, is set to open soon on Main Gate Square at 904 E. University Blvd.

Fiiz Drinks is actually celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and they’ve opened at least 60 locations around the U.S.

“The FiiZ vision was born when the Morgan and Anderson families, the original mixologists, came together over a love of creating specialty sodas.”

For the Love of Soda

Over the years, Utah has become known for its soda culture and it’s easy to find soda-only shops around the state. There’s even something called the “dirty soda craze.” Dirty sodas are a combination of classic sodas like Coca-Cola or root beer with cream, fruit, and flavored syrups.

The space at 904 E. University Blvd. on Main Gate Square used to be a Dunkin’ (they served coffee) and Baskin-Robbins combination, which is found on the corner of University Boulevard and Tyndall Avenue — right next to The Buffalo Spot.

On the Menu

There’s actually a lot of drink combinations on the menu.

First, you choose a soda as the base (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite, or Root Beer), and then you can “dirty” it up with flavored syrups and cream (the cream is optional).

(Photo courtesy of FiiZ Drinks)

For example, if you’re in the mood to do the Dew, they have concoctions like the Dewlada (Mountain Dew with coconut, pineapple, and cream), a French Dew (comes with French vanilla and cream), and a Ninja Turtle (with blackberry and blur raspberry syrup).

I’d probably order the Dirty Polly because I have a beagle named Polly and she likes to roll around in the dirt. It’s Mountain Dew with lime, coconut, and passion fruit.

They also serve frozen drinks, caffeinated drinks with Red Bull and Monster, and lemonade.

Soda and Chonuts (Photo courtesy of FiiZ Drinks)

Aside from sodas and other beverages, Fiiz Drinks is proud of being the “Home of the Chonut.”

“What happens when you cross a churro with a doughnut? You get a wacky name. But oh! That crispy, fluffy, cinnamon deliciousness will leave your taste buds happy.”

The shop is aiming to be open sometime this June.

Fiiz Drinks is located at 904 E. University Blvd. For more information, visit and follow Fiiz Drinks on Instagram. Check out our interactive guide to Main Gate Square and the surrounding area.

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