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Breakfast Burrito at Barista del Barrio (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Foodie 15: Best Breakfast Burritos in Tucson

Updated March 5, 2024

Breakfast burritos are a hearty way to power you through the day. They’re also great as a hangover cure. Whatever you need a breakfast burrito for, Tucson is there for you. Local tortillas? Housemade chorizo? A variety of salsas?  Check, check, and check — and much more.

Here are some of the top spots in town to find this local specialty. ¡Buen provecho!

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a coffee and a burrito
Dirty Chai & Vegan Breakfast Burrito at Barista del Barrio (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Barista Del Barrio

Foodie Favorite:
Max Wingert

“Easily the best breakfast burritos I’ve had in Tucson. Maybe ever. And the best part is they come in twos so when you finish your burrito, there’s still one more left!”

Known for serving some of the best breakfast burritos in town, Barista de Barrio is also prized for its excellent coffee. Instead of a single massive burro, you get two smaller breakfast burritos in each order — perfect for sharing.  The custom-spiced chorizo is the star here, though be warned: It is on the spicier side, as is the salsa. Vegetarian and vegan options are on offer too, plus a wide range of coffee drinks.

Heads up: the food is so good that the line gets long quickly on the weekends. Make sure to queue up early!

a tray of food on a table
Breakfast burrito at Buendia Breakfast & Lunch Cafe (Photo courtesy of Eva B. on Yelp!)

Buendia Breakfast and Lunch Café

A spot of color and cheer on a nondescript First Avenue drag, Buendia Breakfast & Lunch Cafe was voted one of the Top 100 Places to Eat by Yelp readers in 2023. One taste of the breakfast burritos and you’ll know why. Creative complements to the eggs in the burros include machaca, nopales, and bacon, as well as chorizo.  With food this good and a sprinkle of “joy” — alegria — on each dish, you can’t help but smile at the start of your day.

a plate of food on a table
Eric's Burro at Frank's (Photo courtesy of @itsdianawolff on Instagram)

Frank’s Restaurant

Every morning Frank’s opens its doors, a traditional diner equipped with all the American-style fixings you’d crave. One of those things is Eric’s Burro. This monstrous burro is loaded with three scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, salsa, and your choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or chorizo. If you want a lighter option, grab Frank’s Veggies Burro, which comes with three scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and salsa. Stop by soon and check ’em out for yourself! The diner celebrated it’s 40 anniversary back in 2022 so they’re totally doing it right.

a plate of food on a table
Breakfast Burrito (Photo courtesy of JoJo's)

JoJo’s Restaurant

Foodie Favorite:
a man wearing a hat

“JoJo’s, formerly known as LaCo and La Cocina, has a few brunch options — TallBoy Tots and the huevos rancheros are a couple of my favorites. However, get the breakfast burrito stuffed with bacon, poblanos, cheese, potatoes, and avocados. Or, if you’re a vegatarian, vegan, or just dislike meat… skip the bacon and it’s magically meat-free.”

In 2010, Jo Schneider took over La Cocina in downtown Tucson. Just a couple of years ago, the name changed to LaCo. Fast forward to this very moment and Jo has retired, leaving the business to her family. Now, the restaurant is named after Jo, a loving tribute to their mother: JoJo’s Restaurant.

a chair sitting in front of a restaurant
Lovin’ Spoonfuls (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Vegan Restaurant

Foodie Favorite:
a woman sitting at a table with food
Hannah Hernandez

“When I stop by Lovin’ Spoonfuls, my go-to order is the Southwest Burrito. It features a blend of housemade soy chorizo, green chiles, tofu scramble, and potatoes, all wrapped snugly in a vegan flour tortilla. I like to add guacamole to make it even better.”

Juan Irais Benavides and Michelle Benavides have offered a breath of new life into Lovin’ Spoonfuls. With a wealth of restaurant experience, they’re taking Lovin’ Spoonfuls to new heights. Since 2005, Lovin’ Spoonfuls has built a tight-knit community, treating their employees like family, and both Juan and Michelle are all about preserving that warm and welcoming atmosphere.

a plate of food
Sausage Breakfast Burrito (Photo courtesy of Maico Restaurant on FB)

Maico Restaurant Mexican Food

Huevos rancheros, wrapped in a tortilla? Yes, please! That’s just one of the options that makes the burritos served in the morning at this self-described “fast food” Mexican restaurant a breakfast of champions. The setting may be casual and the food inexpensive, but the ingredients are fresh and the quality high.

a photo of a burrito
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito (Photo Courtesy of Paco's Mexican Food)

Paco’s Mexican Food

Popular and affordable, this place is a hot spot for authentic Mexican grub, and the breakfast burritos are a big deal. Literally. They’re massive. House made tortillas and generous portions of all the usual fixings may have you skipping lunch.

If you don’t want to change out of your sweat pants but still want a baller breakfast burrito, head to the drive-thru, and pick chorizo or machaca.

a sandwich sitting on top of a table
Burritos (Photo courtesy of Salsa Verde)

Salsa Verde

Foodie Favorite:
Addie Ibarra

“The burritos at Salsa Verde are the best way to start the day if you ask me. I usually opt for the chorizo burro (no eggs, sub potatoes) — and don’t forget the salsa verde to slather on!”

Salsa Verde isn’t your typical burrito joint with a drive-thru. For starters, the family-owned-and-operated restaurant prepares everything from scratch: the tortillas, tortilla chips, desserts such as ChocoFlan and cheesecake, and even the aguas frescas.


a plate of food on a table
El Padre burrito (Photo courtesy of Seis Kitchen)

Seis Kitchen – Mercado

For a leisurely start to your day, settle down on the shady patio of the Mercado’s gracious Spanish-style courtyard with one of Seis Kitchen’s breakfast burritos. While you can keep it simple with house-made chorizo or center-cut bacon, you can also go extravagant with El Padre, filled with adobo steak, green chile, pico de gallo, eggs, potatoes, and cheese.  It’s a religious experience.

(Photo courtesy of St. Mary's Mexican Food)

St. Mary’s Mexican Food

This hugely popular place is takeout only, with a few chairs for you to wait after you order at the counter. This does not deter the many loyal fans who have been coming here for years for the likes of fresh breakfast burritos, served all day by an always friendly staff. Fillings include carne seca and chorizo, as well as such traditional American staples as bacon, sausage, and ham — cross-cultural cuisine at its best.

a hand holding a burrito in a car
(Photo courtesy of Tania's Flour Tortilla on Facebook)

Tania’s Flour Tortillas

Named for the granddaughter of one of the founders and open for more than 40 years, Tania’s Flour Tortillas is a simple, down-home spot to grab a great Mexican meal on the west side. As you might expect from the name, the tortillas used for the breakfast burritos are fresh and flaky and the fillings such as machaca and eggs are, well, filling.

Breakfast Burrito at Tania's 33 (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Tanias 33

This Barrio Hollywood institution may have the largest selection of vegan breakfast burritos in town, with meatless versions of machaca and chorizo as well as carrot tocino (carrots fried bacon style). The breakfast burritos are served all day long and come in regular, large, and extra-large sizes, thus catering to all appetites as well as to a variety of dietary preferences.

Tooley's Cafe (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Tooley’s Cafe

Foodie Favorite:
a man wearing a hat

“Tooley’s burritos are best when eaten out on the patio — no matter what the weather conditions are. I usually go for the turkey and jalepeno burrito but the potato, egg, and cheese burrito is just as pleasant. The homemade salsa is a spicy icing on the cake, I mean, burrito.”

In 1989, Ron Schwabe purchased the building that would become both Peach Properties and Tooley’s Cafe. Tooley’s is the namesake for Ron’s college dog, Tooley. Years passed and the building shut down in 2016. Once the road construction on Park Avenue subsided, and access to the Lost Barrio seemed to get easier again, Patricia decided in October 2021 that it was time to open Tooley’s for business once again.

a plate of food
Smothered Burrito (Photo courtesy of Urban Fresh)

Urban Fresh

Foodie Favorite:
a woman sitting at a table with food
Hannah Hernandez

“I’m so excited that Urban Fresh brought their breakfast menu back, and I couldn’t be happier about their stuffed breakfast burrito. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the salsa!”

Urban Fresh is a family-run restaurant that focuses on community, sustainability, nutrition, local, and organic ingredients. Everything is made in-house in Tucson. The menus are surprisingly extensive given their small kitchen and the fact that everything is housemade.

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