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Guide To 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair Food

The 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair begins Friday, April 1. And, what good is Tucson Foodie if we can’t provide you, dear reader, with some kind of an idea of what you’ll be facing food-wise and where to find it.

If you’ve been to the fair before, you know you’re there when the smell of street food hits you from blocks away.

Over 30 food vendors will set up shop for this spring’s round of the biannual fair and below are some of the standout offerings. Have a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

AJ’s Fry Bread

(Credit: Flickr/Jeffreyww)

(Credit: Flickr/ Jeffreyww)

Fry bread at the street fair is a crowd favorite and AJ’s Fry Bread is where you can get it. No relation to AJ’s Fine Foods.

Where to find: Two booths, 5th Street and 7th Street.

Absolutely Nuts

(Credit: Flickr/jimwinstead)

(Credit: Flickr/ jimwinstead)

Absolutely Nuts attends festivals and fairs all over Pima county. They offer cinnamon roasted almonds, cashews, and pecans.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 4th Street.

Anna’s Kitchen

(Credit: Anna's Kitchen)

(Credit: Anna’s Kitchen)

A Farmer’s Market favorite, Anna’s Kitchen will be serving their own mashup of Indonesian and Chinese food.

Where to find: 5th Street west of 4th Avenue.


(Credit: BBQ 4 U)

(Credit: BBQ 4 U)

BBQ 4 U has been attending Tucson’s street fair since 1998. The food is a visitor favorite.

This year, they’re celebrating twenty years in business.

Where to find: West of Hoff Avenue on 7th Street.

Blue Banjo BBQ

(Credit: Blue Banjo BBQ)

(Credit: Blue Banjo BBQ)

Known for barbecue, Blue Banjo prepares all dishes onsite over mesquite.

Look for tri-tip, roasted chicken, pulled pork, bratwurst, and hot wings.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 7th Street.

Brushfire BBQ Co. 

Messy Mac & Cheese at BrushFire BBQ Co. (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)

Messy Mac & Cheese at BrushFire BBQ Co. (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)

With storefronts on Campbell at Glenn and 22nd and Kolb, Brushfire is well-known for barbecue in Tucson.

Where to find: 5th street west of 4th Avenue. 

Eureka Old Fashioned Soda

(Credit: Eureka Old Fashioned Soda)

(Credit: Eureka Old Fashioned Soda)

What good is a meal without a refreshing drink?

Eureka Old Fashioned Soda carries birch beer, black cherry soda, root beer, sarsaparilla, and vanilla creme soda.

Where to find: Between 4th Avenue and Hoff Avenue on 7th Street. 

Chans Concessions 

(Credit: Flickr/southernfoodwaysalliance)

(Credit: Flickr/ southernfoodwaysalliance)

Also found at the Pima County Fair, Chans Concessions offers chicken on a stick, egg rolls, and shrimp fried rice.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 7th Street.

The Corn Roasters

(Credit: Flickr/nadircruise)

(Credit: Flickr/ nadircruise)

According to Yelp, The Corn Roasters sells ears of roasted corn with a selection of spices, sauces, and salts.

Where to find: 7th Street, west of Hoff Avenue, and west of 4th Avenue on 4th Street. 

Funnel Cakes West

(Credit: Flickr/blu_pineappl3)

(Credit: Flickr/ blu_pineappl3 )

Anybody know the difference between funnel cake and fry bread? Neither do we.

Where to find: Between 4th Avenue and Hoff Avenue on 7th Street. 

Ice Holes

(Credit: Flickr/kanaka)

(Credit: Flickr/ kanaka )

On a warm afternoon, Ice Holes is where you want to be for shaved ice.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue, on 4th Street. 

Indonesian Satay

(Credit: Flickr/thefalcon)

(Credit: Flickr/ thefalcon)

If you’re into Indonesian food, and more specifically satay, this is the booth for you.

Where to find: 7th Street, in between 4th Avenue and Hoff Avenue. 

Jake’s Donuts 

(Credit: Jake's Donuts)

(Credit: Jake’s Donuts)

Who says doughnuts are limited to breakfast? No one. Find them all day at this booth.

Where to find: Between 4th Avenue and Hoff Avenue, on 7th Street. 

Jerry’s Lemonade

(Credit: Flickr/epw)

(Credit: Flickr/epw )

If you’re looking for lemonade at the street fair, you’ll have no problem finding it at one of Jerry’s Lemonade’s five booths.

Where to find: Four booths on 7th Street, one on 5th Street.

JJ & Sons Piggly Wiggly

(Credit: Piggly's)

(Credit: Piggly’s)

Piggly Wiggly has become a fair favorite over the years. JJ’s offers burgers, barbecue, and giant turkey legs.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 5th Street. 

Kountry Kettle Kitchen Kettle Korn

(Credit: Flickr/dearbarbz365)

(Credit: Flickr/ dearbarbz365 )

Nothing says “street fair” like the smell of kettle corn and sticky fingers.

Where to find: East of Hoff Avenue on 7th Street. 

Lulu’s Italian Ice

(Credit: Flickr/karmacamilleeon)

(Credit: Flickr/ karmacamilleeon)

Italian ice is great, but it’s even better when it’s 100% natural and free of dairy, fat, gluten, and cholesterol.

Where to find:  Between Hoff Avenue and 4th Avenue on 7th Street.

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Macho Nacho Man

(Caption: Flickr/kanaka)

(Caption: Flickr/ kanaka)

If an image of Homer Simpson singing, “Nacho Man,” doesn’t come to mind, you need to up your pop culture game.

Where to find: 7th Street between Hoff Avenue and 4th Avenue.

Miss Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn 

(Credit: Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn)

(Credit: Miss Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn)

Miss Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn offers fourteen different flavors of popcorn.

Flavors include cheesy cheddar, pickles & popcorn, snickerdoodle, and tutti frutti.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 4th Street. 

Mutts Hot Dogs & Sausage 

(Credit: Mutts)

(Credit: Mutts)

You wouldn’t know by their name, but Mutts also offers breakfast items, soups, and salads.

Where to find:  West of Hoff Avenue on 7th Street.

S&B First Cook

(Credit: Flickr/pixeleden)

(Credit: Flickr/ pixeleden)

Another crowd favorite is making a comeback at the street fair.

S&B serves barbecued meat on a stick, along with egg rolls, chow mein, and shrimp tempura.

Where to find: East of 4th Avenue on 5th Street.

Sally’s BBQ

(Credit: Sally's BBQ and Tastebud's Pizza)

(Credit: Sally’s BBQ and Tastebud’s Pizza)

Phoenix based Sally’s BBQ offers freshly smoked meat and housemade sauces and rubs. Sally’s BBQ has been in business for over 25 years.

Where to find: West of Hoff Avenue on 7th Street.

The Orange Place

(Credit: Flickr/stuart_spivack)

(Credit: Flickr/ stuart_spivack )

Classic American food, such as burgers, fries, and hot dogs.

Where to find: Six different booths, four on 5th Street, and two on 4th Street.

Other food vendors:

No less worthy, the following vendors will also be present at the 2016 spring 4th Avenue Street Fair.

  • AZ Corn Roasters (5th Street)
  • Fruitopia (5th Street)
  • Hot and Sizzle (5th Street)
  • Aeco (Two locations on 5th Street)
  • Wyly Coyote (5th Street)
  • Greek Snack (7th Street)
  • Kabob Shack (4th Street)

The fair will take over 4th Avenue on April 1, 2, 3. For more information, visit Fourth Avenue

Melissa hails from Brooklyn where she worked for a whole animal craft butchery company. She is now a professional Instagrammer in Tucson and believes everything is better in taco form. Follow her Instagram adventures on @mstihl.