Tools They Use: Mama Louisa’s Executive Chef Michael Elefante

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Tools They Use takes a look at local food artisans, such as chefs, bakers, brewers, and more with a simple photo displaying their signature items and favorite tools.

Michael Elefante is Executive Chef and co-owner at Mama Louisa’s. He also worked at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in the kitchens of restaurants such as CORE Kitchen & Wine Bar and Cayton’s Burger Bistro.

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Don’t bother with cheap plastic ones, since the unit labels quickly wear off. Stainless steel measuring spoons with the measurements engraved will last a lifetime.

“Never skimp on quality.”

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Tasting Spoons

“Sixty years of tradition, consistency is king. These allow for that.”

Shun VG0008 Blue Steel 10-Inch Kiritsuke Knife and Sheath

“Sharp, long, and beautiful. I call him Zoolander. Nothing but Shuns in my bag.”

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Shun 9-Inch Classic Combination Honing Steel

“I love this one because the handle has the D shape your grip naturally forms.”

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Pasta Roller

“It’s been in the family for over thirty years. The converted guitar pedal and power drill is used to control the speed. Eighty pounds of fresh pasta a day, this is the only way to keep up”

Balsamic Vinegar Powder

“Balsamic vinegar in powder form lets you add flavor without adding liquid, which is important for applications like making pasta dough.”

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TrueCooks Gold 8-Inch Tweezers

“‘Cause I like the finer things.”

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“Never trust a chef without one.”

Saucing Spoon

“Plating is about control and this is perfect for that.”

Silver Fork

“Perfect for surprise station inspections.”

 Long Tweezers

“These are like the pitching wedge of golf. The utility tool when you need to be able to go from grilling to plating.”

House Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

“When a table wants to dip the bread. Literally has my seal of approval.”

Executive Chef Michael Elefante at Mama Louisa's (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Executive Chef Michael Elefante at Mama Louisa’s (Credit: Jackie Tran)

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