17 January, 2022, 04:52

#WeeklyDish (No. 5): Volcano Tuna Don at Ikkyu

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Donburi, a Japanese rice bowl dish, comes in more varieties than you can shake your finger at.

Oyakodon features chicken, egg, and scallions on white rice. Ikuradon features salmon roe on sushi rice.

The Spicy Tuna Don ($9.99 including tax) at Ikkyu features spicy raw tuna, savory seaweed, nutty sesame seeds, scallions, and cooling cucumber on top of sushi rice with a side of miso soup.

For an eruption of additional flavors and textures, order it volcano-style ($1 extra). Unagi sauce provides sweet umami, spicy mayo adds piquancy and richness, while tempura flakes add a scattered crunch.

Sushi rice clumps together, making chopstick use easier. However, there’s no shame in using a spoon.

The portion size is moderate, so feel free to order some sushi rolls as well for a feast. If you’re visiting on a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, don’t miss out on a piping hot bowl of spicy tonkotsu, miso, or shoyu ramen.

Ikkyu is located at 2040 W. Orange Grove Rd. #180. For more information, call (520) 297-9011 or keep up with Ikkyu on Facebook.

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