3 October, 2022, 14:22

#WeeklyDish (No. 16): Fried Chicken Sandwich at Time Market

If a talking snake in a divine garden offered you a fried chicken sandwich, would you turn it down?

Even the fanciest chefs have a hard time turning down a plate of crunchy, juicy, spectacularly simple buttermilk fried chicken.

While juicy chicken thighs are easy to love, chicken breasts have a reputation for dryness. Although dark meat has more fat, it’s also harder to overcook. With the right finesse, white meat can be just as juicy. Just don’t overcook it.

Time Market’s Fried Chicken Sandwich ($9.75) features a buttermilk fried chicken breast, tomato, slaw, a house pickle on a brioche roll.

The chicken passes the juicy test with flying colors — it’s supple with the right amount of salt. The simple veggies add extra crunch and acidity to balance the delightfully simple sandwich.

If you want a taste of Nashville hot chicken à la Tucson, order it Tucson HOT for an additional quarter. The thick peppery paste packs a punch.

Time Market is located at 444 E. University Blvd. and can be reached at (520) 622-0761. For more information, visit timemarket.xyz.

Jackie is a food writer and photographer native to Tucson. He loves corgis and still thinks rickrolling is funny. If you'd like to stalk him, visit jackietran.com and his Instagram @jackie_tran_.