The Garage Eatery & Pub on 4th closed, next tenant yet to be announced

The Garage Eatery & Pub on 4th has closed indefinitely.

Garage owner David Blair indicated on Monday there were parties interested in acquiring the restaurant. However, the doors were locked Wednesday morning with the following notice posted:

“The Landlord has exercised its statutory right to change or modify your door lock/s because of your noncompliance with material terms of the lease. We may perform this lockout for non-payment of monies due under the lease and/or for anticipatory breach and intent to abandon. This notice has been posted on the outside of your main entry door.”

As of Friday, the situation is undergoing a landlord-tenant dispute, Blair said.

Nikki and Matt Thompson, who own and operate downtown brunch spot Nook, recently took on consultant and management roles with the Garage, as it never hit its stride since its February opening.

“Matt and I went in and tried to revive a concept that didn’t reach its full potential,” Nikki said. “It’s time for us to step away from that and focus on our own restaurant and let the Garage close its story however it’s going to.”

The Garage Eatery & Pub on 4th is located at 802 N. 4th Ave. For more information, visit

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