3 October, 2022, 15:21

La Botana just launched the “Uberrita” and it’s uber-delicious

It's 2-for-1 all day everyday and they're called uberritas for a reason.

Fans of La Botana, rejoice.

If you’re no stranger to La Botana’s unique approach to Mexican food, here’s one more reason to head right over: Uberrita.

Available in 8 different flavors, including classic lime, tropical, cucumber-jalapeno, sandia (watermelon), and more, these ice-cold behemoths pack a punch. So much of a punch, it’s recommended you catch an Uber home.

Depending on your flavor, the Uberrita starts $18 for the classic. If that sounds expensive, remember – it’s two for one all day, everyday. It’s actually a gonga. It’s kind of like how Little Caesars used to be.

If margaritas aren’t your thing, you might give their beer-garita a try. Available in three varieties, including Tucson H2O (classic marg with a shot of Negra Modelo added) and Corona-Rita (classic marg with a Coronita inside). And, if neither of those strike your fancy, try a Michelada. It’s one of our favorites in town.

While you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy La Botana’s signature bean dip with chips. And you won’t be locked into one kind of salsa either – the salsa bar features a variety of heat and flavors. And grab a grilled burrito, too. They’re also uber-delicious

La Botana is located at 3200 N. 1st Ave and at 5526 E. Grant Rd. Visit labotanatacos.com for menus, hours, and contact information.

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