25 November, 2022, 22:11

VIDEO: Deep Dive into Tucson’s pan-Latin, submarine-inspired El Berraco

The team behind BK Tacos & Hot Dogs have taken a foray into Latin American seafood and it's a multi-sensory experience.

Tucson is hours away from the ocean, but that didn’t stop this submarine-style restaurant from surfacing, trekking through the desert, and finally docking in to town.

El Berraco‘s menu consists of several Latin seafood dishes, which are served cooked or raw, and was created to be just as unique as the building looks.

After you’ve soaked in the vibrant atmosphere and snacked on the right amount of chips and yellow limey salsa, take a gander at what you’re about to discover on the menu. You’ve got a choice of tacos — both of land and sea — and a school of grilled oysters, seafood tostadas, mussels, and plenty of other fish under the sea, but wait till you get a load of the seafood towers.

At first glance, it may appear to be a mini submarine as it arrives sheltered in a chrome cylinder, but once it’s lifted from the plate you’ll be greeted with the aromas, the layers, and honestly the visual beauty of it is worth your time. There’s enough to go around to keep everyone at the table smiling.

Another thing that’ll rock you like a hurricane are the desserts. Aren’t you glad you live in the desert?

El Berraco is located at 2960 N. 1st Ave. For information on the location, hours, full menu, and more, call (520) 620-9828 or visit el-berraco.com.

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