5 October, 2022, 00:26

Fronimo’s Greek Café to close its doors after 25 years in business

"We have truly given our lives to this business."

Fronimo’s Greek Café, which opened back in 1995, is closing its doors on 3242 E. Speedway Blvd. on Thursday, January 14. However, the owners are hoping to reopen elsewhere in the near future.

George and Tracy Fronimakas opened the restaurant in the mid-90s and had previous experience operating a successful cafe in Crete before making their way over to Tucson.

Fronimos Greek Cafe

Photo courtesy of Fronimos Greek Cafe on Facebook

The restaurant posted about the closure on Facebook, stating the following:

“Our lease period expired and we were not able to come to a renewal agreement with our landlord, who wanted to raise our rent astronomically. As challenging as the pandemic has been for all of us, we have thankfully been able to keep all our employees and stay in business with our takeout model only up to this point. We just cannot stay and pay the increased rent.”

Even though their last day on Speedway is mid-January, they’re currently on the hunt for a new location to settle in to. The only problem is they weren’t able to find another space before closing up, so they’re resorting to moving everything into a storage unit.

Fronimos Greek Cafe

Photo courtesy of Fronimos Greek Cafe on Facebook

“If and when we find the right place, we will definitely bring out employees back,” said George and Tracy Fronimakas. “The most difficult day of our business was telling our employees (some of whom have been with us for over twelve years) that we must let them go for now. The second most difficult day is now, telling our cherished customers.”

For now, keep your fingers crossed that they fire up the kitchen sooner rather than later.

“Please stay safe, be well, and love one another. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you again sometime in the near future.”

To keep up with the latest and their possible new location, follow Fronimo’s Greek Café on Facebook or visit fronimos.com.

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