Check out these 3 burger options from Ghini’s French Caffe

The French-inspired cafe recently celebrated 29 years, but burgers are a recent addition. And there's even an Eggs Provencal-inspired "Le Burger Provencal."

There’s no getting around the fact that there’s a lot of burgers available in Tucson. There’s a lot of types of burgers and a lot of places to get burgers. But truly great burgers are harder to find than their lesser quality brethren.

We had the privilege recently to sample all three of the recent burger additions at Ghini’s French Caffe and they are tasty. And filling. In fact, finishing Ghini’s Breakfast Burger will most likely mean you don’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

Ghini’s features three worthy burger options with a fourth that changes monthly. And they’re all served on a grilled roll, that’s fresh baked literally next door at La Baguette and made with a local brisket blend for the patty. You also get the option of a number of sides, including salad, grilled tomatoes, Kettle chips, hashbrowns, and sliced oranges. You can substitute a cup of soup for your side for an additional $2 (French onion upgrade is $6).

Here are the options:

Le Burger Classique

Ghini’s house burger, Le Burger, which you must utter with a French accent features grilled wine-glazed onions, grilled local tomato, cracked pepper aioli, and a creamy parmesan dijonnaise. Le Burger’s patty is a local brisket blend.

Le Burger at Ghini's French Cafe

Ghini’s Le Burger features grilled wine glazed onions, grilled local tomato, cracked pepper aioli, and creamy dijonnaise. Served on fresh baked & grilled La Baguette Roll

Breakfast Burger

The Breakfast Burger is served over a sriracha aioli and grilled tomato, topped with hash browns, cheddar, bacon, and a fried egg. Feeling a little rough from tying one on the night before? This is your cure.

Breakfast Burger at Ghini's French Cafe

Ghini’s Breakfast Burger features crispy hash browns, grilled local tomato, creamy cheddar, crisp bacon, sriracha aioli, and a fried egg served on fresh baked & grilled La Baguette Roll

Le Burger Provençal

As you may already know, Ghini’s is well known for their signature dish, Eggs Provençal. Fortunately, the process for making that signature dish transfers over just fine for a burger. The Le Provencal Burger features a thyme-crusted patty cooked to temp over mixed baby greens and wine-infused Gruyere sauce topped with a seared local tomato, roasted garlic aïoli, and a fried farm egg on garlic bread-style French roll from La Baguette next door.

Le Provençal Burger at Ghini's French Cafe (Photo by Kennedy Satta-Williams)

If you’re not feeling like having one of the burger options, Ghini’s offers a full French-inspired menu of brunch and lunch dishes. For help with deciding, see this recent article, Three Must-Try Dishes at Ghini’s. Also, owner and chef Coralie Satta has curated a broad selection of summer-suitable beer and wine, including many local options and plenty of rosé.

Ghini’s French Caffe is located at 1803 E Prince Rd. For more information, including hours and full menu, visit

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