6 October, 2022, 05:10


Your guide to 7 local Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs

It’s officially summer in Tucson, which means summer produce season. While we are gifted year-round with garden-friendly weather, summer…

Erik Stanford of Pivot Produce tossing a salad (Credit: Symeon Platts)

Pivot Produce: helping local produce make its way to your plate

“There are a lot of people who think food doesn’t grow here,” said Erik Stanford, owner of Pivot Produce. Along…

Piglet at E & R Pork (Credit: Jackie Tran)

E & R Pork: Tucson’s Heritage Breed Pig Farm

“Beef ain’t beef and pork ain’t pork.” This idea — that not only were some breeds of meat animals different,…

Market On the Move

Local Markets and Organizations Fight to End Food Deserts

(Photo Credit: Market On The Move) Tucson is known for its beautiful and unique landscape, a…

Proper Monday Market Dinners

Locally-Sourced “Monday Market Dinners” at Proper

If you’re looking for something new to do on Mondays, Proper Chef Kris Vrolijk has come up with a…

Sunizona Family Farms Microgreens Growing

Sunizona Family Farms

On Sunday, I paid a visit to Sunizona Family Farms in Willcox, Arizona. I had never been to…