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Shish and Michelada at El Berraco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

5 of the best micheladas (uhm, hangover cures) in Tucson

Around Tucson, the best micheladas usually consists of a Clamato base with lime juice, hot sauce, and any combination…

Steak and rib eye tacos at the Quesadillas (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Visitor’s Guide to Over 100 Essential Tucson Restaurants & Bars 2018

No brand partner was involved in the creation of…

Michelada at La Botana Tacos + Patios + Amigos (Credit: Jackie Tran)

La Botana to open third location at Grant & Craycroft

Mexican restaurant La Botana Tacos + Patios + Amigos announced its third location will open at 5526 E. Grant Rd. in mid-August “It…

Michelada-Battered Fish & Chips at Sir Veza's Kitchen & Kantina (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Sir Veza’s Kitchen & Kantina rolls out Michelada-Battered Fish & Chips for Lent Fridays

Every Friday for a limited time, Sir Veza’s Kitchen & Kantina will serve their Tucson twist on Fish Fry Fridays: Michelada-Battered…

El Ceviche Route and El Berraco Michelada at El Berraco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

#WeeklyDish (No. 22): The El Berraco Michelada

The El Berraco michelada counts as a dish. It has vegetables. Around Tucson, the michelada usually consists of a Clamato…

La Colombiana Tostada at El Berraco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

El Berraco: Desert Submarine with Torpedoes of Flavor

Drive north on First Avenue just past Glenn Street and you’ll notice a shiny submarine-like restaurant named El Berraco. What’s a submarine…

Chipilones style hot dog at Ruiz Hot-Dogs (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Visitor’s Guide to 88 Essential Tucson Restaurants & Bars

This article originally appeared on Tucson Foodie in January…