Michelle Lesco

Competitive eaters Michelle Lesco and Miki Sudo with Red Desert BBQ & Catering owner-chef-pitmaster David Martin (Credit: Jackie Tran)

These two Tucson women ate 19 pounds of burritos in under an hour (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Looking at Michelle Lesco and her 5’3″, 112-pound frame, you’d never expect her to be a world-class competitive…

Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco training at Hooters in Marana (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Two Tucson women just won both gold and silver in Nathan’s hot dog eating competition

Tucson residents Miki Sudo and Michelle Lesco won first and second place at the annual

Tucson competitive eater Michelle Lesco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Tucson’s Michelle Lesco Wins Second Place Women’s Title at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Tucson resident Michelle Lesco began her Independence Day morning by eating 32-and-a-half hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. It’s…

Tucson competitive eater Michelle Lesco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Meet ‘Cardboard Shell’ Michelle Lesco, World-Class Competitive Eater

Two years ago, Michelle Lesco ordered 150 wings and a side of 10 practice wings at Hooters in Marana to…