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Here are the best things the Tucson Foodie team tasted in August

From new menu items to house-baked bread you'll love.

Need a fresh bite to try?

Here are the Tucson Foodie staff picks of the best things we tasted this month.

Adam Lehrman, Founder

New Jersey Joe Sandwich at August Rhodes Market

New Jersey Joe Sandwich at August Rhodes Market (Credit: Jackie Tran)

New Jersey Joe sandwich at August Rhodes Market
Perfect brisket on Japanese milk bread. So good.
Karichimaka Special Cheese Crisp at Karichimaka

It’s chorizo, tomatoes, green onions, pickles, and cilantro, which I’m sure you’ve never had the combo of on a cheese crisp. I know I hadn’t. It was great.

On a side note, I catch little things here and there about people not liking the Mexican food here in Tucson. Like, “Sonoran Mexican food is not my thing.” I assure you (and them) that if that is your experience, you just haven’t tried (a) the right items at (b) the right places.

Kate Severino, Editor

Crispy Chicken Torta at Tito & Pep (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Crispy Chicken Torta at Tito & Pep (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Chicken Torta at Tito & Pep
It’s a meal for two. I will admit though, after taking half of it to-go, I snuck in a few bites on the way home (just that good and a fresh torta shouldn’t go to waste). The morita-lime mayo adds a smoky flavor to the succulent chicken and crunchy filling. I ordered it for brunch and was pleasantly surprised by the side of perfectly crispy-yet-creamy roasted potatoes — you will be licking your fingers in between bites.
Sandwiches at August Rhodes Market
Whether it’s the bread baked in house or the expertly paired fresh ingredients filling the sammies (or both), newly opened August Rhodes Market is doing it right. Their Turkey Club provides delightful mouthfeel; the chunky Eggplant Sandwich makes me want to try all the vegan options on the menu; then there’s the New Jersey Joe — I’ve never met a Japanese milk loaf I didn’t like but the softness of this bread coupled with tender smoked brisket, slaw, and Russian dressing makes it a shoot-and-score. Caprese Sandwich, you’re next.

Melissa Stihl, Content Creator

Tapas Burgos at DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails

Tapas Burgos at DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails (Credit: Jackie Tran)

New Jersey Joe sandwich from August Rhodes Market

I am sure this likely topped most of the TF staffer’s “Best Bites” lists but it’s worth repeating. The brisket sandwich at August Rhodes Market is everything I had hoped it would be. Super tender and fatty brisket. sandwiched between two slices of toasted house-made milk bread. The coleslaw and dressing keep things nice and tangy, cutting through the richness of the brisket. I could eat this sandwich every day.

Tapas Burgos at DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails

We recently got to try the new Burgos, Spain menu at DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails. My favorite dish of the night was a tapas-style platter of three items. I fell in love with the Quail Egg Crostini. On the menu, it’s called Sobrasada with Quail Egg and is a delicious meat spread made locally by Vanessa Moon. It’s subtly spicy and paired perfectly with the deviled quail egg.

Jackie Tran, Lead Writer & Photographer

Kash O'Bademjan at Persian Room

Kash O’Bademjan at Persian Room (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Southern Style Sour Street Corn at The Parish
This Parish’s take on the beloved elote features habanero aioli, Louisiana hot sauce, cilantro, crunchy chicharron, and crumbled local goat cheese. If Rogue and Gambit from the X-Men had a corn baby, it would be this dish. Hot and charmingly Southern with explosive flavor.
Tapas Burgos at DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails
While we all eagerly await the resurrection of Casa Vicente, chef Devon Sanner helped bring Spain to Tucson with their limited-time Burgos menu. The Tapas Burgos features three intensely flavored small bites: bruschetta with tomato jam, manchego, and jamón serrano; Vanessa Moon sobrasada with quail egg and chive; and marinated anchovies with olive spread and basil.
Kash O’Bademjan at Persian Room
If babaghanoush tickles your fancy, then you have to get this dish. Roasted eggplant is mixed with whey, sauteed garlic, onions, and mint for a unique and addictive combination of savory flavors.
S’mores at Monsoon Chocolate

This childhood campfire favorite grew sophisticated with graham cracker cake, chocolate from Monsoon Chocolate, toasted vanilla bean marshmallow, caramelized meringue bits, chocolate syrup drizzle, and graham crumbles. Que beautiful, que tasty. If only they also had Tawny Port to pair it with.

East African Lamb Tenderloin at The Coronet
How sweet it was to be reunited with the Coronet. The spiced lamb was paired with house lebneh, Moroccan olive tabouli, root vegetable cakes, butternut squash, and fried mint for a combination of hearty, earthy flavors.
Egg Salad Sandwich at August Rhodes Market
This wasn’t even on the main menu, but hopefully it will be soon. The yolk was just firm enough, the mayo ratio was spot on, and the Japanese milk bread was the perfect texture to highlight the beauty of this simple sandwich.

What was the best thing you tasted in Tucson this month? Let us know in the comments.

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