28 October, 2021, 11:55

Green Feet Brewing Company to close its doors in October — or until the beer runs out

One of Tucson’s small, family-run breweries, Green Feet Brewing Company, has decided to close up shop on Friday, October 16 — possible sooner, if the beer runs out first.

The brewery, whose name honors the combat rescue units in the U.S. military, posted the following on Facebook:

“Hardest post ever!! Thank you founders, friends and family for helping make this dream happen but it is time. We will continue to support all of our friends in the beer community. Cheers to you!!”

So, just like their Facebook post states, the brewery will keep pouring its tasty brews until mid-October or perhaps sooner.

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Scott “Petey” Petersen and his wife, Jen Petersen — who are the founders, owners, and the bulk of the staff running Green Feet, opened over Memorial Day weekend in 2016. Both have either served or are still serving in the military, and the green feet featured on the brewery’s logo is an ode to the unofficial symbol for combat rescue units.

Once news broke over the weekend about Green Feet’s plans, other breweries hopped on social media to share their love and support. Harbottle Brewing Company shared the following on Facebook:

“Our hearts are broken today with the news of Green Feet Brewing closing their doors. Please go support our good friends and send them out on a positive note. Our neighbors will be so incredibly missed.”

Green Feet Brewing Company is located at 3669 E. 44th St. For more information, visit Green Feet Brewing Company on Facebook.

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