National IPA Day 2021: New beer releases, specials & local brewery guide

Hoppy Holidays from local breweries

Some people hate them because they’re too bitter, others think that there are too many of them on the menu, and then there’s another crowd that thinks they’re the bee’s knees. 

These are common things heard when IPAs are spoken of, but not all IPAs taste the same. Luckily, there’s a holiday to shine a light on the sometimes misunderstood beer.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Crooked Tooth Brewing Company on Instagram

National IPA Day lands on Thursday, August 5, and with the calendar date comes fresh, new brews from select local breweries, specials on IPA flights, and more.

Also, if IPAs really isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other crafty, unique, and one-of-a-kind beers to try at any of the local breweries here in Tucson.

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So, if you’re really craving some of the latest IPAs, keep scrolling because the following breweries have new beer releases for you to taste on National IPA Day.

1912 Brewing Company

2045 N. Forbes Blvd., Suite 105


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Chill out with the brewery just west of I-10 because they’ve been cooling things off this summer with their beer slushies. Although, there’s a new one to try on National IPA Day —the RV of an Old Man Yelling At A Cloud IPA Slushy.

The name is a mouthful but perhaps it’ll get easier to order after a few slushies in.

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Borderlands Brewing Company

119 E. Toole Ave.

The downtown brewery is having a special deal on its Toole Ave IPA flights for $5, which features four variations of the beer.

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Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

228 E. Sixth St.

Throughout the day, Crooked Tooth will be offering flights of five of their latest IPAs, including an unreleased Liquid Assets Hazy IPA. 

The special National IPA Day flight comes with the following brews:

  • 18th Hour
  • Law of Diffusion
  • Three Word Beer Name
  • Self Titled Sour IPA
  • Liquid Assets Hazy IPA

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MotoSonora Brewing Company

1015 S. Park Ave.

You can get $1 off pints of the Victory or Death IPA at one of Tucson’s newest breweries. Plus, they’ve got a couple of others on tap, the Understeer Session IPA and Fog Lights Seattle-style IPA, which are excluded from that deal.

Also, you can get $2 off a six-pack of Victory or Death when purchasing a pint of the same beer.

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Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

115 E. Broadway Blvd.

Brewing beer is a work of art and at Pueblo Vida Brewing, so are the cans. They’ve got a new brew out and it’s called The Continental Triple IPA, which is housed in a can designed by @saywellsdesign.

The beer is made with ripe pineapple and honey crisp apple, but instead of reading about it you should try it for yourself.

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And remember, if IPAs aren’t your cup of brew, there are plenty of other local beers to try on National IPA Day. Read our April 2019 article Your guide to 20 Breweries that are hoppin’

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