Whiskey Del Bac celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary with HUB Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Here's to a well-deserved cheers to 10 years

HUB Restaurant and HUB Ice Cream Parlor have both teamed up to help Whiskey Del Bac celebrate its 10th anniversary in Tucson.

There’s a lot happening to honor the local whiskey, including pairing events, limited whiskey-infused ice creams, and a new cocktail series featuring Whiskey Del Bac’s famous American single malt whiskey.

First up, there’s a dinner you oughta know about and then we’ll get to the ice cream pairing experience.

Rooftop Dinner featuring HUB Restaurant, Barrio Brewing & Whiskey Del Bac

Thursday, September 16 at 6 p.m.
278 E. Congress St.
Cocktail at HUB Restaurant

Credit: HUB Restaurant & Creamery

For the season, there is one last dinner in HUB Restaurant’s popular Rooftop Dinner Summer Series, and HUB’s executive chef David Bishow and general manager Armando Gonzales have carefully crafted this one.

The pair worked creatively with the teams at both Whiskey Del Bac and Barrio Brewing to curate a five-course dining experience with a beautiful view of the city, too. Each course of the dinner has been paired with either a brew from Barrio Brewing’s selection or a cocktail crafted by the HUB team with Whiskey Del Bac’s whiskey.

Rooftop Dinner Summer Series Menu

First Course
  • Grilled halloumi cheese, Israeli couscous salad, mint gremolata, and spiced raspberry-honey glaze
  • Paired with the TJ’s Raspberry Ale
Second Course
  • Smoked Prawns – chimichurri and carrot slaw
  • Paired with the Dorado Manhattan
Third Course
  • Petite Short Rib Poutine – with braised beef short ribs, purple Peruvian potatoes, red wine demi-glace, cheese curds, Irish cheddar, horseradish sour cream, crispy fried shallots, and microgreens
  • Paired with the Citrazona IPA
Fourth Course
  • Grilled Pork Porterhouse – Thai peanut sauce, blackberry marmalade, brown rice, sautéed arugula
  • Paired with the Sonoran Summer Cure
Fifth Course
  • Mexican Spiced Chocolate Pot de Crème – with toasted marshmallow
  • Paired with the Barrio Rojo
HUB Rooftop Dinner

Credit: HUB Restaurant & Creamery

Seats are $85 per person for Thursday, September 16, arrival is at 6 p.m., and dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. Capacity is limited so you’ll want to make reservations sooner than later by calling (520) 207-8201.

For more information, visit HUB Restaurant’s Facebook event page

Whiskey Del Bac & HUB Ice Cream Pairing Experience

Saturday, September 18 from 4 – 6 p.m.
2106 Forbes Blvd. #103

Credit: HUB Ice Cream Parlor

HUB Ice Cream has chilled up some new Del Bac-infused ice cream flavors in the parlor and is hosting an exclusive pairing event at the distillery.

The experience includes a curated three-course ice cream and whiskey pairing and a unique tour of the space in which the Del Bac team creates their whiskey. HUB Ice Cream will also be selling pints from the window of our famous 1925 Model-T HUB Ice Cream truck.

Tickets are $60 per person and you can reserve your tickets at thehubicecream.com.

For more information, visit HUB Ice Cream’s Facebook event page

Whiskey-infused ice cream flavors at HUB Ice Cream Parlor

245 E. Congress St.

Credit: HUB Ice Cream Parlor

Additionally, you can get Whiskey Del Bac-infused ice creams at HUB Ice Cream Parlor downtown. For the week of Monday, September 13, they’ll be serving the flavor Let’s Go Camping, Sweetheart. 

Other flavors were revealed in prior weeks and perhaps there’ll be some leftovers for you to try.

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