Ni Hao Tea is opening a new shop at Glenn & Campbell

"Thanks to all of our customer’s support."

The local boba shop, Ni Hao Tea, is opening up a brand new location at 2800 N. Campbell Ave. — the stomping grounds of the former Yogurtland.

The spot at Campbell and Glenn is planning to officially open up on Monday, January 31.

Ni Hao Tea

Photo courtesy of Ni Hao Tea

Nia Hao’s drinks include black tea, green tea, and Thai tea — freshly brewed using premium tea leaves, too. The menu also features a variety of milk tea, iced tea, iced fruit tea, slushes, and cream cheese milk cap teas. Flavors range from fruity to classic (such as matcha and taro) and specialty.

“We want to ensure all our customers in Tucson get high-quality boba tea drinks with top-tier ingredients,” said Kim Zhou, owner of Ni Hao Tea. “No need to travel to other cities in Arizona or California to get a quality boba because Tucson has our own quality boba tea store.”

Ni Hao Tea

Photo courtesy of Ni Hao Tea

“Thanks to all of our customer’s support, we are able to expand and open a second location,” said Zhou. “We are very excited about our new location and we look forward to serving quality boba tea drinks to all of our customers at both locations.”

Highlighted Specialty Menu Items

  • Fresh Taro Smoothie – “It’s one of our best-selling items. It has a sweet, creamy, and nutty vanilla taste. The smooth creamy texture combined with the buttery nature of the fresh taro tastes very delicious”
  • Fresh Brown Sugar Milk – “We use warm brown sugar boba, roasted brown sugar syrup, and lactose-free whole milk.”
  • Matcha Latte – “It’s made with ceremonial-grade matcha that is directly imported from Japan. When mixed with lactose-free whole milk, it’s unbelievably delicious.”
  • Cream Cheese Tea – “This one is made with real cream cheese, condensed milk, and lactose-free milk. Many people said it tastes like a liquid format of cheesecake with a hint of saltiness.”

Ni Hao Tea’s new location is at 2800 N. Campbell Ave. and the original location can be found at 4726 E. Broadway Blvd., which opened on February 2020. For more information, visit or follow Ni Hao Tea on Facebook

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