30 November, 2022, 13:14

Vista Microgreens: Fresh sprouts delivered to your door

Little sprouts, rich in nutrients

Microgreens are something you’ve probably seen and thought, “Oh, these little sprout things are cute,” before chomping down on them.

(Photo by Isaac Stockton)

While it’s totally reasonable to not have given them a second thought, microgreens are actually an essential piece of the food puzzle. They are far more valuable than something that makes the dish look frilly and full.

Sure, they do fill that role, but they are so much more than that. For starters, they have a surprisingly high nutritional content and have a myriad of forms and flavors.

Bobby Richardson of Vista Microgreens (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Bobby Richardson of Vista Microgreens is a purveyor of the verdant goodies and is poised to do some big things. For instance, making his way from the small base of operations in Sierra Vista and Tucson and into the rest of Arizona is in Richardson’s sights. After speaking with some of his clients, the words “consistency,” “quality,” and “reliability” were dropped with surprising regularity.

“Bobby has been providing us with consistently high-quality microgreens for the better part of a year,” said Ian Sugarman, kitchen manager of Time Market. “We use his Dikon Radish sprouts in some of our sandwiches most often, but have also used his sunflower and pea shoots. They add some color and quality flavor to them.”

Sandwich at Time Market (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Marco Martin is another manager at Time Market who actually procures some of the restaurants’ produce. “Working with Bobby has been the longest relationship with sprout growers so far,” he said.

The world COVID gave us is one rife with start-up ideas thanks to an infusion of “Hey, I Can Do This-itus.” The most notable example is the endless stream of sourdough starters and breadmaking that seemed to pervade the social media space.

(Photo by Isaac Stockton)

This aggressive DIY ethos leads to folks taking hobbies into potential substantive revenue streams, and one of those industries is the microgreens market. With the relative ease of getting started, several smaller companies came and went once the ongoing costs and commitment that come with such an endeavor were made manifest.

That is to say, Bobby Richardson has gotten Vista Microgreens to the point of sustainability and is ready to take the small plant business into the bigger small plant market.

Bobby Richardson of Vista Microgreens (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Richardson doesn’t just provide to restaurants, he also has some availability to deliver to general consumers. His whole roster of microgreens is available for purchase online and a rollout of in-store purchase options is on the horizon, too.

Here’s what they have to offer if you find yourself with a microgreens-shaped void in your diet.

Microgreens Online Store

(Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Other than here in Tucson, Vista Microgreens is currently delivering to Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca, Hereford, Palominas, Bisbee, and Tombstone (free delivery for orders $10 and more).

Foodie tip: Please leave a cooler in your entryway to ensure microgreens are kept cool while you’re away.

For more information, visit vistamicrogreens.com. All orders must be placed before midnight on Wednesday for a Friday delivery and for bulk or restaurant orders, call (520) 678-3630.

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