Nine On The Line

Chef Curtis Wright at Time Market (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: Chef Curtis Wright of Time Market

Chef Curtis Wright grew up cooking and hunting with his family. Venison, quail, rabbit, elk, and javelina were normal…

Executive chef Steven Schultz at Wild Garlic Grill (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: Chef Steven Schultz of Wild Garlic Grill

Wild Garlic Grill executive chef Steven Schultz’ fine-dining background stretches back for decades. Schultz earned his Advanced Diploma Ecole De…

Executive Chef Keith Parker at Zona 78 (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: Keith Parker of Zona 78

Zona 78 executive chef Keith Parker began his culinary career with fast food. It all started at Church’s Chicken and transitioned to…

David Martin, owner and pitmaster of Red Desert BBQ (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: David Martin of Red Desert BBQ & Catering

Red Desert BBQ & Catering owner and pitmaster David Martin worked his way from Long John Silver’s to the…

Executive chef Mahmoud "Moody" Elbarasi at the Coronet (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line with Moody Elbarasi of the Coronet

Mahmoud “Moody” Elbarasi spent his early years as a musician exploring different restaurants across the country. Once his band broke…

Sushi Chef Tommy Begay III at Sushi on Oracle (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: Tommy Begay of Sushi on Oracle

When Tommy Begay turned 16, he scratched his culinary itch working in fast food. Begay’s real kitchen…

Anello owner and pizzaiolo Scott Girod (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Nine on the Line: Scott Girod of Anello

Pizzaiolo Scott Girod started as a busboy for a teppanyaki restaurant before moving on to pizza delivery and cooking. After taking a…

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