Chorizo, egg, and potato burro from Anita Street Market

Sonoran flour tortillas are special to Tucsonans. But why?

Imagine Tucson without tortillas. Ouch. Now, imagine your friend was hosting a party catered by Tacos…

Burrito at St. Mary's Mexican Food (Credit: Brielle Farmer)

St. Mary’s Mexican Food: Fresh Tortillas, Tamales To Go & Legendary Red Chile Burros


Tacos from Rollies Mexican Patio with Tortillas by Che West (Credit: Shana Rose)

Flavor-infused corn tortillas, hot from Che West

? Tacopalooza chef Jose…

Red chile burro at Anita Street Market (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Meat Beat: Red Chile Burro from Anita Street Market

On the other side of the train tracks, tucked away next to the Interstate 10 is Barrio…