28 January, 2022, 09:44

Zio Peppe

Zio Peppe

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El Rustico Birria Pizza at Zio Peppe

El Rustico Birria Pizza is a real thing. And it’s on the menu at Zio Peppe.

We here at Tucson Foodie wouldn’t be doing a good job of serving the great people of Southern Arizona…

Taconnoli at Zio Peppe

Taco Tuesday in Tucson: Taconnoli dessert tacos at Zio Peppe

“Taco Tuesday in Tucson” is a column where we explore the unique tacos stands throughout Tucson… on Tuesdays. When you’re…

Flora's Market Run

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Zio Peppe

‘Zio Peppe’ to open its east side dining room & patio

After its grand opening of to-go and delivery only, the eastside restaurant Zio Peppe is opening up its dining…

Zio Peppe

‘Zio Peppe’ is opening for takeout & delivery on Monday, May 10

Local chefs, Devon Sanner and Mat Cable, have officially announced the opening of what they’re describing as their “culinary…

Zio Peppe

Local chefs Mat Cable & Devon Sanner announce their new collaboration ‘Zio Peppe’

There’s a new restaurant eager to open its doors soon. Local chefs Mat Cable and Devon Sanner just announced their…