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Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of Teaspoon)

Foodie 15: Best Chilaquiles in Tucson

Updated March 4, 2024

Looking for nachos for breakfast? Here in Tucson, we call them chilaquiles, and they’re delicious as a side, a main, and a take-home for later dish. We compiled our picks for the best chilaquiles in Tucson. Scroll down and eat up!

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(Photo Courtesy of Buendia Breakfast and Lunch Café)

Buendia Breakfast and Lunch Café

Indecisive when it comes to salsa? Not to worry — Buendia’s Chilaquiles Divorciados come with both red and green sauce chilaquiles, each with their own poached egg, separated by a helping of refried beans for dipping.

Chilaquiles at Cafe a la C'Art (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Cafe a la C’art

These chilaquiles are a delightful blend of tortilla chips, Hatch, New Mexico chile sauce, two eggs cooked how you like them, cheddar jack cheese, and calabacitas. No beans on that bad boy, but still loaded with flavor!

a bowl of food on a plate on a table
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of Calle Tepa)

Calle Tepa

If you’re looking for homestyle Mexican cooking, look no further than Calle Tepa, this family-owned restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine with a street-style twist, inspired by the family’s roots in Tepatitlán, Mexico. Don’t think twice about ordering their chilaquiles — two fried eggs, tortilla strips simmered in salsa, topped with your choice of protein, and sour cream, and served with beans and potatoes. Also on the menu are tamales, burritos, ceviche, and much more!

a bowl of food on a plate
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of Charro Chico on Toast)

Charro Chico

A member of the renowned Si Charro! family, Charro Chico offers a big bowl filled to the brim with your favorite flavors. Corn tortilla chips, queso Oaxaca, two eggs, avocado, and your choice of beans or breakfast papas. Bonus points if you pair them with the Focaccia French Toast!

a plate of food
Calabacitas Omelet with Chilaquiles at Eclectic Cafe (Photo by Betsy B. on Yelp)

Eclectic Cafe

Eclectic Cafe has some of the best chilaquiles in Tucson — they’re only available on Saturday and Sunday. Get it as a full dish itself, or add a small portion onto any meal as a side.

a close up of a plate of food on a table
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of El Chinito Gordo)

El Chinito Gordo

El Chinito Gordo offers a lively modern twist on traditional Mexican-style dishes. Their menu features instant classics like their El Chinito Chorizo Burger, birria, or Creamy Chipotle Chicken. Stop in for brunch on Sunday and dig into their delicious chilaquiles. The crispy tortillas, two over-easy eggs, queso fresco, topped with crema, and your choice of red or green sauce will leave you eager to head back the following Sunday. 

a plate of food with rice meat and vegetables
Chilaquiles at El Merendero (Photo by Betsy M. on Yelp)

El Merendero

Serving up Mexican and Southwestern grub since ’86, El Merendero’s menu hosts a sea of options and daily specials. Their chilaquiles are a staple on the menu that also features a  classic Mexican breakfast.

a bowl of food on a plate
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of El Sur)

El Sur Mexican Restaurant

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, El Sur Mexican Restaurant has what you’re looking for. Their menu consists of a variety of delicious options including burritos, tostadas, tacos, and fajitas, but if it’s breakfast you’re craving, make sure to try their signature chicken chilaquiles served with homestyle potatoes.

Diego and Frida Chilaquiles (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Frida’s Café

The folks at Frida’s bring authenticity to all of their Mexican dishes, and that certainly applies to their chilaquiles. Corn tortillas with your choice of red, green, or mole sauce, plus chicken, cheese, and sour cream (eggs and avocado are available, too).

Best of all, they serve the dish until 2 p.m. so don’t worry if you miss breakfast.

a plate of food on a table
Chilaquiles at La Chaiteria (Photo courtesy of the eaters club on Instagram)

La Chaiteria

Maybe you’re looking for an exciting vegan or vegetarian option. La Chaiteria is the place for you, stop in and enjoy their chilaquiles loaded with beans, salad, salsa, jackfruit, and your choice of eggs or tofu.

a plate of food and a cup of coffee
Chilaquiles Poblanos (photo credit: Feng-Feng Yeh)

La Chingada Cocina

Bold flavors, bright colors, and bewitching smells are La Chingada Cocina’s specialty. Their Chilaquiles Poblano is a must-try — fresh masa tortilla chips, shredded chicken tinga, and a “family secret” poblano sauce. Yum! Watch how they’re made here.

a store front at day
La Indita (Photo by Trebor O. on Yelp)

La Indita

La Indita offers Mexican, Tarascan, and Tohono O’odham cooking, with dishes derived from family recipes so stop by their Sunday breakfast for their incredible chilaquiles, smothered in red sauce. Vegetarians also have a range of options at La Indita, from the Green Corn Tamale to calabacitas.

a close up of a plate of food
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of La Parrilla on Yelp)

La Parrilla Suiza

Some claim the chilaquiles La Parrilla Suiza are the best thing on the menu, and we’d be hard-pressed to disagree. The corn tortilla chips are homemade, the cheese is melted, and the enchilada sauces are their own recipes (red or green).

a bowl of food on a plate
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of Seis Kitchen)

Seis Kitchen – Oro Valley

Seis Kitchen is one of our favorite spots for just about all things Mexican Food. Make a point to try their breakfast chilaquiles plate with all the smashed beans, crispy potatoes, fried eggs, and saucy fixings your heart desires. Meat eaters can even add Birria if they’re feeling extra hungry.

a plate of food on a table
Chilaquiles (Photo courtesy of Teaspoon)


Teaspoon is much more than a breakfast spot! While they’re well known for their signature dishes like frittatas and bubble waffles on their menu, their Chilaquiles Con Pollo — featuring corn tortillas, eggs, red onion, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, and of course chicken, topped with red sauce — is one of the best sellers on the menu.

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