Toro Loco (Photo by Jackie Tran)

20+ Tucson Restaurants That Permanently Closed in 2023

January 2, 2024
By Tucson Foodie

Tucson’s culinary scene was rather busy in 2023. Numerous restaurants opened their doors for the first time, and others reopened after being closed for a while. However, like anything, nothing lasts forever and a handful of local restaurants and businesses permanently closed their doors this year.

Here’s a list of a few that are no longer serving hungry Tucsonans. For a list of restaurants that opened in 2023, check out our interactive guide.

Ajuua Mexican Restaurant

2310 N. Country Club Rd. 
(Photo by Mark Whittaker)

Sometime over the summer, the Mexican restaurant quietly closed its doors for good without an announcement. A few months later, Aspasia Restaurant, a brand-new Syrian restaurant, opened its doors in the same building. Read more…

ATL Wings

802 N. Fourth Ave.
a sign on the side of a building
ATL Wings on Fourth Avenue (Photo by Matt Sterner)

In 2019, the Chandler-based wing restaurant ATL Wings opened its very first Tucson location at 802 N. Fourth Ave. Just recently, the restaurant announced the permanent closure of its spot at the corner of University Boulevard. The door on the sign read, “Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re closed. Thank you for your support over the years.” Read more…

Brawley’s Restaurant

7848 E. Wrightstown Rd.

Brawley’s Restaurant closed in February 2023 after 37 years in business. “There is no one to blame, and really nothing to be done, it’s just a simple sign of the times,” the restaurant shared on Facebook.

Brushfire BBQ Co.

2745 N. Campbell and 7080 E. 22nd St.
BrushFire BBQ Co. (Photo by Jackie Tran)

The doors have been permanently closed at both of the Brushfire BBQ Co. locations, 2745 N. Campbell and 7080 E. 22nd St. We were unable to reach anyone to ask about the reason for closure but signs on the doors state that they won’t be reopening. Read more…

China Phoenix

7090 N. Oracle Rd. #172
a sign in front of a building

In early July, many were surprised to find that the restaurant was closed at 7090 N. Oracle Rd. #172. After a chat with the leasing company, we found out that the lease expired and they’d opted to move out of the space located near Pita Jungle. Read more…

The Citizen Hotel

82 S. Stone Ave.
(Photo courtesy of The Citizen Hotel)

In May 2023, the team behind The Citizen Hotel, which is operated by the same group affiliated with the Downtown Clifton Hotel and Red Light Lounge, announced they’d be closing. The hotel, which opened in February 2022 inside the former Tucson Citizen newspaper building (all of the printing press was located in the basement), quickly garnered a lot of attention — even on a national level by TIME magazine. Read more…

The Delta

135 S. Sixth Ave.
a store front at night
(Photo courtesy of The Delta)

The Delta permanently closed on Saturday, November, which had its Grand Opening back in January of 2022 — the first restaurant to move into the former DOWNTOWN Kitchen + Cocktails. The owners of The Delta, Steve Dunn, Bryce Zeagler, and Chef Travis Peters, also run The Parish on 6453 N. Oracle Rd. Read more…

Dillinger Brewing Company

402 E. Ninth St. and 3895 N. Oracle Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Dillinger Brewing Company)

“We have had a blast over the past seven years, and will be hanging out/posting here with more details on a final Dillinger party! You may still be able to purchase Dillinger beer in distribution without a physical location, working on finding a partner now. Cheers!” Read more…

The Dutch

5340 E. Broadway Blvd.
a group of people in a restaurant
Chef’s Table Dinner at The Dutch (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Dutch is closed. It has been our pleasure to serve the greatest customers in town and work with our incredible team. Thank you to everyone who has dined with us and supported us over the years. We hope to be able to serve you again in the future.” Read more…

El Berraco

2960 N. First Ave.
La Berraca Tostada at El Berraco (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

On Thursday, December 14, the folks behind El Berraco announced that the restaurant is closing its doors at 2960 N. First Ave. The closure was temporary at first but then the owners eventually made it official. Read more…

Fiesta Filipina

5870 E. Broadway Blvd. (Park Place Mall)
Fiesta Filipina (Photo by Kim Johnston)

“Unfortunately, the cost to operate the store is no longer sustainable. I will still be operating the Fiesta Filipina food trailer for special events and catering so watch for our events schedule. Thank you all for your support.” However, Fiesta Filipina is still operational as a food truck. Read more…


994 E. University Blvd.
Fullylove’s (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

“We would like to take the time to thank every single person who has ever walked into Fullylove’s and danced with us, sang with us, talked mess with us, shared stories with us, played ‘rock paper scissors,’ and ate a home-cooked meal with us.” Read more…

Little Love Burger

312 E. Congress St.
a close up of a sandwich sitting on top of a table
(Photo courtesy of Little Love Burger)

“Tucson, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Sunday will be the last day to enjoy one of our mouthwatering burgers! After serving you with love for several years, we hand the keys to the sacred 312 E. Congress St. space to Gabriel and Vivian Moreno, of Jaime’s Pizza Kitchen. A multigenerational Tucson family business since 1989, Jaime’s Pizza Kitchen will be opening soon, serving amazing traditional pizza, wings, and salads.” Read more…

The Lobby

811 E. Wetmore Rd.
Burger at The Lobby (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

The Lobby was under the operation of chef and owner Cory Oppold, who has at least one other restaurant elsewhere and won an episode of “Chopped” in the past. The menu was a partnership between Oppold chef Kyrie McRoy, formerly of Tanque Verde Ranch. Read more…

Lucky Wishbone

2712 E. 22nd St.
(Photo courtesy of Lucky Wishbone)

On Friday, December 29, Lucky Wishbone at 2712 E. 22nd St. permanently closed its doors because of an upcoming — and massive — construction project planned for the nearby bridge. The bridge is known to be the quickest route from one side of the train tracks to the other. Read more…

Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue

6310 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #120
a dining room table in front of a window
Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue (Photo courtesy of Top Brunch Spots)

With just one location left in Tucson, Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue has recently closed its sole restaurant at 6310 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #120. On Friday, June 28, the doors officially closed due to “failure to pay rent,” according to a printed notice pasted on the window. Read more…

Mama’s Famous Pizza & Heroes

6996 E. 22nd St.
a sign above a store
Mama’s Famous Pizza & Heroes on 22nd (Photo by Matt Sterner)

Mama’s has dwindled down to just three locations. The spot at 22nd Street and Kolb Road, 6996 E. 22nd St., officially closed its doors over the summer. Luckily, for Mama’s fans and pizza lovers in general, there are three other locations in Tucson — one in midtown (Speedway Boulevard), another on the east side (Broadway and Houghton), and one near Oro Valley (Magee Road). Read more…

Noble Hops

445 S. Alvernon Way
Noble Hops at Reid Park (Photo by Matt Sterner)

The Reid Park location is closed but the Oro Valley location, which is the original spot, is still open for business and the team is ready to take your order. The location up north has been open since 2011 with a focus on craft beer and craft eats. Read more…

Pastiche Modern Eatery

3025 N. Campbell Ave.

Back in February 2023, the team behind the restaurant shared an update on Facebook, mentioning that water damage and repairs were needed. However, the restaurant never opened and the signage has since been removed from the building. Learn more…

Sito’s Fresh Market

2545 E. Speedway Blvd. #115
a bowl of food on a table
Sito’s Fresh Market (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

Last year, the space that previously housed Ali Baba’s was transformed into a carniceria/restaurant. Owners Aaron and Francisca Serrano were serving tacos, burritos, raspados, freshly cut meats, Mexican spices, and more before quietly clearing everything out of the building. Read more…

Ten55 Brewing Company

No Physical Location in 2023

“Some time ago, it became clear that our new location was not going to work out,” said Chris Squires. “We dutifully pivoted and jumped back on the search, but shaky economic conditions and family health issues have made this search increasingly discouraging. Our goal has always been to brew world-class beer and to create a welcoming environment for people to share it in; but current market conditions mean our path back to doing so profitably is murky, at best.” Read more…

Toro Loco

5737 E. Speedway Blvd.
Toro Loco (Photo by Jackie Tran)

“It has been our great pleasure to serve each and every one of our customers,” Toro Loco shared. “We hope you will continue to support our other concepts; Transplant Detroit Style Pizza, Craft A Modern Drinkery, Serial Grillers, and our newest venture Mosaic Brewing Co.” Read more…

Trident Grill III

250 S. Craycroft Rd.
Oysters at Trident Grill (Photo credit: Addie Ibara)

On Friday, September 8, Trident Grill III permanently closed its doors at 250 S. Craycroft Rd. No specific reason was given for the closure. The sports bar first opened its doors in 2017, which was a former Tilted Kilt, next to Tucson Coffee Roasters and Miss Saigon. Read more…

Tucson Tamale

7159 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
a plastic container filled with different types of food on a table
(Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company)

“We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and support at our Tanque Verde location of Tucson Tamale,” Sherry and Todd Martin shared. “It has been an absolute pleasure doing business on the east side of town for the past 10 years. However, we have decided not to renew our lease at the Tanque Verde location and we will permanently close.” The shop on Oracle Road is still open for business. Read more…

For a list of restaurants that opened in 2023, check out our interactive guide.

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